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Boxing Workouts at Home for Beginners

Before training, you need to perform the workout. Run jumping, bending, stretching exercises. It will take 15 minutes. so you will prepare yourself to intense stress. Pay attention to the warming up of the hands, elbows, and neck. Usually, with sufficient fitness athletes use special exercises with and without weights, allowing you to efficiently warm up the muscles and ligaments.

How to place a punching bag at home?

For the home training of a boxer is required to place the bag – work bag takes a lot of time during individual workouts. Along with General strength training.

What to do if there is no possibility to hang the punching bag on the ceiling. A large pouch is quite heavy and not always easy to get it to securely attach to the ceiling. It’s hard to do in a small apartment. How to be in this situation?
Option 1. You can buy a special mount pear or set of sporting equipment. Usually, it is a heavy bag and airbag. The advantages of this option: more opportunities for training and a variety of options for working off of blows. Different types of Boxing bags allow you to train the force of impact, speed, reaction. The disadvantages include the need for free space to accommodate this equipment. No additional opportunities for General strength training.

Option 2. You can buy a special power tower with a punching bag. On the one hand are the punching bag with another horizontal bar and parallel bars. This allows you to perform workout by combining exercises to increase strength, endurance, and training with a punching bag. In this case, you get the space savings, the ability to perform basic exercises with own body weight. And at the same time, the coach blows the bag away. It would be a great boxing workout routine for the beginner. But there are drawbacks: such models are not very common. In addition, You get some a punching bag. You can replace it, but initially, you did not choose.
boxing power tower
One such model, we considered in detail in our review, but the model is hard to find on sale.
power tower with bag
Option 3. It is possible to buy special power tower with the ability to hang your desired punching bag. In our opinion, this is the most rational option because you can buy equipment which suits You in all respects. Punching bags can also be different, this can be a heavy bag or a lighter punching bag.
workout power tower
A model with less functionality but with the ability to use a kickboxing bag and heavy bag gloves:
boxing workout

Boxing Workout Routine for Beginners

Bodyweight exercises are good for strength development and formation of lean muscle mass. The power tower should add a skipping rope, dumbbells, and weights. This will be enough for home workout beginner. But can be useful to other wheel weights, barbell, weight. Bandages hands with bandages to avoid trauma to the hands and fingers. When working with a punching bag – use special gloves.

# Pull-UPS

When performing this exercise different grip can engage different muscle groups. It back muscles – using different types of grip (hand positioning and grip width) is training the latissimus dorsi to pull the bar behind your head included propylene muscles. It is also possible to efficiently load the muscles Ruth – triceps, and biceps, changing the grip on the back.
Using the explosive technique of Perfect Pullup training speed and strength. To complicate the exercise, you can use additional weights. In this case, it is necessary to install and secure the power tower.

# Push-Ups

To perform pushups, you can conveniently with the help of special handles. This exercise develops the muscles of the chest, shoulders, and triceps.

# Vertical knee raise

Exercise for the muscles of the stomach and core. Allows you to create protection from blows to the body and train all kinds of muscles. It is possible to use different variants of execution.
These exercises add exercises with a rope, running for endurance training. Use dumbbells for exercise arms and shoulders. It is good to use a hammer for hitting the tire, kettlebells and resistance bands to workout brush.

Best Heavy Bag for Home

Choosing a Boxing bag for a beginner fit any model not very hard, that his hand was injured. It is possible to purchase separately a bag, and simple gloves or a full set (as shown in the image). We recommend you to pay attention to the quality of the coating material, the seams, and fastening. Depends on the service life of the bag. It is better to buy separately a heavy bag and gloves to choose to suit your size.

Best Heavy Bag

Consider the weight of the bag and its height, so that it can be placed without any difficulties. It is not necessary to buy expensive equipment. For the novice will fit almost any cheap punching bags. In the example, we have selected the best models heavy bags worth up to one hundred dollars.

Heavy Bag Gloves

It is important for training to use special gloves. They will protect Your hands from injuries and wounds in a Boxing workout with a bag. Choosing need to glove was the size, not very large and conveniently fixed on the hands.

Best Heavy Bag Gloves

For additional fixation of the fingers and wrist bandage with special bandages that prevent dislocations and sprains. It’s not necessary, but can also be used at home workouts.

Boxing Workouts at Home for Beginners
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