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Dips with Power Tower

dips workout
The dip is a complex push exercise which works a large number of muscles in your upper body. As the main burden falls on the elbows and shoulders from this exercise, high risk of injury. It is therefore important to perform the exercise with correct technique and before exercise to warm up the muscles.

General information

A large part of the power tower allows you to perform this exercise when practicing at home. It is convenient and does not require much time. Most importantly safely install and, if necessary, to secure equipment.

This exercise has long been used by athletes of any level – from beginners to Champions Olympia. It is basic and allows to increase the strength, stamina, added muscle mass. Someone doing only a few reps, and someone needs additional weights (pancake or hang the chain on the belt or around the neck).

How to Do Dips with Power Tower?

You need Dip station or Power Tower to do Dips. The equipment should be installed is evenly and securely supported. To perform the exercises on the power tower, Your weight must not exceed the maximum possible for the equipment used.

It would be useful if the power tower will be a non-slip handle. This will allow you to focus on the exercise. It is NOT necessary to perform dips on chairs or other movable bases. So let’s start:

  1. Catch the bars and jump up. The balance you body with locked elbows.( Stay collected and not swing, don’t turn your head, you don’t need to look down or to the side, it is better to look ahead.)
  2. Lower your body by bending your arms. Lean your torso slightly forward. (Keep your arms close to your body)
  3. Go down until your shoulders are below your elbows at the bottom.
  4. Lift your body back up to the starting position by straightening your arms.
  5. Balance yourself with your shoulders over your hands. Lock your elbows.
  6. Repeat desired number of times

If you lack the strength to do a single Dip, do negatives. Skip the way up for now and only do the way down on which you’re stronger. Grab the dip bars, jump up and straighten your arms. Lower yourself slowly until your shoulders are below your elbows. Also for beginners training in the gym can be useful for the trainer repeats the exercise but dips to reduce the load. Or you can use a rubber expander Also it may be necessary when you perform a superset and can no longer perform the exercise fully.

Dip Exercise Muscles Worked:

Dips Exercise Muscles Worked

Dips work more than just your triceps. Your arms bend and straighten to move your body. But they get help from your shoulders, chest and back muscles. And many more muscles work to keep you balanced while your body moves. This is why Dips are a compound exercise: they work many muscles at the same time. This is also why you can go heavier: more muscles working is more strength.

Recommendation: It would be useful if the handle will not slip, and the distance between them will be convenient for you. Then the exercise you will feel comfortable and will work for the desired muscle groups. What model power tower to pay attention you can see our rating here.

You use the muscles of the arms. The main load falls on the triceps – they are used day extension of the hands. Also, the muscles of the forearm allow it to hold onto the handle and keep the balance.


Lifting bodies are also included in the work of the deltoid and pectoral muscles. To hold the hull in a level position uses the muscles of your torso. Might also include the back muscles (Your lower back must stay neutral when you do Dips. Neutral means keeping a natural arch like when you stand.)

It is important not to sway during exercise. Perhaps using this you will make a greater number of repetitions, but you greatly increase the risk of injury, and additional retries will be made due to the inertia. It will not bring result.

Guide to the Dip Exercise

1. Proper technique. No need to rush and sway, strive to do more repetitions, if it is not yet possible. It is better to do fewer repetitions, but without the risk of injury. If you need to make an additional repeat. Swaying you can also tilt the power tower.

2. Do the workout. It is important to warm up your muscles and limber up. This will prepare the nervous system, the muscles and ligaments to perform this exercise.

3. Do not dilute the elbows to the sides. Keep the elbows near the body, it will also reduce the risk of injury and allow you to use target muscle groups to perform exercises.

When performing exercises on the power tower, consider the location of the bar and its growth. In some cases, you can bump your head. Do the exercise slowly and with proper technique. Always warm up the muscles and if the pain occurs in the shoulder or the elbow – do not continue the exercise.
A complete guide to training with power tower contains all the necessary information on the basic exercises. We have collected the best material on the technique of execution of exercises, especially training with the power tower. You can view all the content on the website or download the pdf version.

Dips with Power Tower
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