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Compact Home Gym Equipment

In this category we will consider Best Compact Home Gym Equipment. The possible exercises with minimal equipment using your own body weight. The best equipment, comparative reviews, tips on choosing and buying.
Supplement the training with the power tower exercises for the entire body. Get a full gym at home with minimal space, cost, effective workout at home.

Best Gym Flooring

Gym Flooring

TOP 5 Gym Flooring The main variants of Gym Flooring are not particularly different in size or mounting scheme. But there are a number of parameters that are worth paying attention to when buying. Let us consider in more detail the main advantages and possible disadvantages of mats of our …

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Best Hand Grips

Best hand grips

Strong grip is important not only for athletes of power sports. In most sports, this is important. Muscles of the forearm and hand train climbers, rukobortsy, fighters, gymnasts. In this review we decided to select the best hand grip. Consider the advantages of using this equipment, its types, the most …

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Best Ankle Weights

Best Ankle Weights

In this review we present you the 5 Best Ankle Weights 2018 – General comparison and detailed reviews. When you use them, you can make your training more effective. We have tested and selected the most interesting options that combine ergonomics, affordable price and good quality. This review will make …

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Best Inversion Tables 2018

best inversion tables

TOP 5 Inversion Table 2018 (updated) Detailed Reviews Let’s take a closer look at the Best Inversion Tables of their advantages, disadvantages and additional models by brand. Also, we will focus on the shortcomings, which were mentioned by users. So let’s start. TEETER EP-960 LTD INVERSION TABLE This model often …

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Best Lat PullDown Machine

lat pulldown machine

TOP Lat Pulldown Machines Detailed Review The most popular models are presented in this rating. But so that you can better navigate, we suggest familiarizing with detailed descriptions of the features, features, advantages, and disadvantages of each model. XMARK LAT PULLDOWN AND LOW ROW CABLE MACHINE XM-7618 This equipment provides …

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Hyperextension Bench & Roman Chair

Roman Chair

YOU MAY NEED THIS IF COMPARISON TABLE Below we present our ranking of the best Hyperextension Bench models from comparison & detailed reviews. After that, you will find a lot of detailed information, video reviews, advantages and disadvantages for each roman chair machine. # FITNESS REALITY X-CLASS MULTI-WORKOUT BENCH Why …

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Best Adjustable Kettlebell 2018

adjustable kettlebell

Comparison by Price&–°haracteristics Adjustable Kettlebell Detailed Reviews Now let us consider the Sit Up Bench Review of each model. We have studied the offers of shops, customer reviews, compare prices and find the video. All this will simplify Your choices and allow you to form an opinion about the possibility …

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Best 16kg Kettlebell

16kg kettlebell

General Description In this review, were considered models in the medium price range. Such are usually purchased for home workouts. Weight 16 kilograms, approximately 35 lbs. So consider comparison table TRX Gravity Cast Kettlebell Review TRX Kettlebells are a continuation of a line of quality fitness equipment. A weight with …

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Marcy Power Rack and Bench

marcy power rack

General Description First of all, a front-tube swivel catch offers leg-lock access for sit-up positions which is great for lower-body exercises. A gravity lock can be purchased too, along with a quick-adjust bar and safety catches for user-friendly and other defense against accidents. A numbered adjustment system and open front-tube/spring-lock …

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Kettler Rowing Machine Review


Comparison Table Detailed Kettler Rowing Machine Reviews So let us consider each of the models. Determine possible advantages and disadvantages. Take into account the user feed, ack, design features, and functionality. The sequence of equipment does not reflect their ranking. STROKER ROWER AND MULTI-TRAINER MACHINE This model has a good …

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