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Best 16kg Kettlebell

16kg kettlebell is a classic athletic projectile for training. It’s a great weight which is suitable for training the most of muscle groups. You can train upper body, abdominal muscles, use more weight to train your legs, when pull-UPS, dips, and other exercises.
Like the weight one of the most popular and offers a wide variety. How to choose the best model? If you have not used weights and do not know what criteria they should choose when buying – this page is for You. We will look at the best kettlebell weighing 16 kilograms with a detailed description of their benefits. When choosing patterns in your ranking we will be guided by customer reviews. In addition will consult a fitness trainer Keith Shepherd, who is the winner of powerlifting and previously trained a lot with kettlebells of various weights. Let’s start
16kg kettlebell

General Description

In this review, were considered models in the medium price range. Such are usually purchased for home workouts. Weight 16 kilograms, approximately 35 lbs. So consider comparison table

TRX Rep Fitness CoreX Fitness Republic Garage Fit Kettlebell Kings
TRX Gravity Cast Kettlebell Rep Kettlebells CoreX Chrome Handle Fitness Republic Garage Fit Powder Kings
16 kg / 35 lb 16 kg / 35 lb 16 kg / 35 lb 16 kg / 35 lb 16 kg / 35 lb 16 kg / 35 lb
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TRX Gravity Cast Kettlebell Review

TRX Kettlebells

TRX Kettlebells are a continuation of a line of quality fitness equipment. A weight with a flat bottom, compact size and comfortable handle will be a great addition to your home gym. Comfortable handle you can comfortably perform the exercises. With this pen will be comfortable to perform exercises for each hand or holding a kettlebell with two hands at the same time.
Some of the users use more than one kettlebell this brand in their training. For them, it will be convenient to be guided in the choice of weight by the color of the strip near the handle. This is useful if during execution you change the kettlebells and need a few differences in a single approach.

“I liked it for its compact size and comfortable handle. I was comfortable to hold her during all of the exercises, it does not slip. The weight is evenly distributed in the center, which is important for more complex exercises.” – Keith

  • High strength, durability
  • Compact size and comfortable handle
  • Durable gravity cast moulding ensures an even, consistent finish
  • For some users, the handle seemed large
  • Not covered by rubber, must be carefully put on the floor or use the mats

Rep Kettlebells for Strength and Conditioning

This weight has a classical form. It fits comfortably in your hand. Handle is of medium thickness and very comfortable. The handle also has a marked yellow color (which is typical for this weight). What to expect from this manufacturer? He really offers good quality at an affordable cost. Full compliance with quality standards, precise size.
On the handle marked texture. You can’t use the chalk and the weight will not slip when training. An important advantage is the quality of the material and powder coating. We have dropped the kettlebell on the floor with a hard coating. However, she was not damaged. Naturally, it is advisable to take care with equipment. But the weight relative to the other will be more durable.

  • High quality material and coating durability
  • Comfortable non-slip grip with optimum thickness
  • Relatively low cost, good warranty terms
  • 91% of the users on Amazon gave 5 stars, very few negative reviews
  • Not covered by rubber

Kettlebell CoreX Chrome Handle and Rubber Encased

Stylish from CoreX kettlebell with chrome handle. A special Rubber Encased makes the coating durable and abrasion resistant. Kettlebell CoreX Chrome and floor are protected from damage in the event of a fall. While rubber does not emit an unpleasant odor. No need to wait for the smell.
We decided to try this model. She seemed comfortable. The handle is smooth. Initially, it is pleasant to the touch. We expected that the coating of the handle is too smooth. But it has a special coating that provides a reasonably good grip. We ran some tests and got unexpected results. The weight does not slip out of hands. While we didn’t use chalk powder.

  • Unusual design, chrome handle
  • Rubber coating with no odor
  • Convenient shape with a flat bottom
  • We did not find significant negative reviews. One guy was unhappy with delivery delay.

Fitness Republic Vinyl Coated Kettlebells

Durable kettlebell with vinyl coating. Comfortable handle to grip with one hand, and both. Possible all kinds of training. The vinyl coating allows you to conveniently use it at home. It protects the floor when setting on the floor not much noise. But we would still recommend to use the special mats or other cover.
Quality weights we were satisfied. Rubber is quite durable. But I can assume that if dropped, it may be corrupted. There is no unpleasant smell of rubber.

  • Durable comfortable handle for comfortable exercise
  • Vinyl coat increase durability, reduces rattling and protects the floor from damage
  • Flat bottom for stability
  • In the fall of one user on the handle broke part of the cover

Garage Fit Powder Coated Kettlebells

This model is ready for heavy testing. It can be used for garage gym. The Kettlebell of a fully cast, no welding or separate parts. This gives it maximum strength. Coating prevents formation of rust. Ultra strong material allows long time use the weight. It should be pointed out the high accuracy of weight. Deviation from indicated weight is not more than 2 percent.
At first glance, it is completely round. But actually, the bottom is flat. She doesn’t roll away and easy to become.
Handle won’t slip even if your hands sweat. The special coating allows you to use it without chalk. The grip will be reliable in any exercise. This model we especially liked. It is pleasant to train. We would have left for your home gym.

  • Durable comfortable handle for comfortable exercise
  • Vinyl coat increase durability, reduces rattling and protects the floor from damage
  • Flat bottom for stability
  • No rubber coating

Kettlebell Kings

This model corresponds to all quality standards. It is fully cast. It does not use welding or any fillers. This gives it maximum strength. Additionally, the weight is evenly distributed, which is important when you exercise.
To check the quality by looking at the bottom. The weights have a hole that shows her integrity. Also if you knock on it from any side, we will hear a different sound.
This model was given the maximum guarantee it for life. This manufacturer has an excellent international reputation. It is difficult to find a user who would be complaining about the quality of the products Kettlebell Kings.
The color of the weights corresponds to the color standard. Handle diameter 35 millimeters – which is also adopted international standards of manufacturers.

  • Compliance with all standards, the exact weight
  • Kettlebell fully molded and one piece was not used welding
  • High quality and lifetime warranty
  • Relatively high cost

Best 16kg Kettlebell
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