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Best Gym Flooring

Going fitness at home is important initially to organize the space and buy a minimum set of necessary. You will need sports equipment, free space and the ability to make training comfortable.

To make it convenient to perform exercises on the floor, as well as to protect it from damage, you need to use a special coating. In this article we will look at the Best Gym Flooring, their advantages and types. Features of fastening, strength and possible loads. Additional advantages: design, practicality, slipperiness, etc. Will show you how to choose and where to buy. So let’s go.


TOP 5 Gym Flooring

ProSource Puzzle Exercise Mat XMark Fitness XMat Ultra Premium Large Exercise Mat Sorbus Interlocking Floor Mat Foam Interlocking Square Floor Tiles
ProSource Puzzle Exercise Mat XMark Fitness XMat Ultra Premium Large Exercise Mat Sorbus Interlocking Floor Mat Foam Interlocking Square Floor Tiles
ProSource XMark Gorilla Mats Sorbus We Sell Mats
24” x 24” x ½” 4′ x 6 6′ x 4′ x 1/4 24″L x 24″ 24″x24″x3/8″
High-density EVA foam Recycled rubber 100% Microfiber Foam coated EVA foam
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The main variants of Gym Flooring are not particularly different in size or mounting scheme. But there are a number of parameters that are worth paying attention to when buying. Let us consider in more detail the main advantages and possible disadvantages of mats of our rating.

ProSource Puzzle Exercise Mat

These mats are made of durable dense textured foam. They are easy to lay due to simple connections in the form of puzzles. It can be used for garage gym, apartment or basement. Mays will protect the floor, provide sound insulation.

Includes SIX 24-inch square tiles and 12 end border pieces. The mats have a water-resistant non-slip surface. You will easily be able to cover any area quickly enough. Three color options are available: black, gray and blue.
Protective Flooring
  • Durable non-slip mats
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • High density EVA foam is made from environmentally friendly material
  • Versatility and practicality
  • users who bought additional mats complained about different heights
  • not all arranged design mats

XMark Fitness XMat Ultra Thick Equipment Mat

This product can withstand loads of approx 75 lbs. Mats are produced in the USA and made of high quality material. They are perfect for organizing space for training. At the same time perform protection and sound insulation.
The surface is covered with texture. It is non-slip and suitable for training with weights, barbell, yoga. Also it is possible to put fitness equipment on it that will make it more steady and will allow a floor from scratches.

  • Durable and hardy mats
  • Textured non-slip surface
  • Reliable manufacturer, good quality
  • May have minor imperfections
  • Not all may be suitable for this size and proportion

Premium Large Exercise Mat

Premium Large Exercise Mat
This match can be attributed to the premium quality and reliability. The manufacturer is so confident in this that it gives a lifetime warranty. In fact, this is one of the Best Gym Flooring. The two sides correspond to their purpose as much as possible. The lower part is durable, provides good grip to the floor, the upper part is non-slip and soft to the touch. The surface of the Mat is covered with a texture in the form of circles. They’re smaller.
You will make your training more comfortable regardless of what you do. It can be yoga, fitness or strength training. High quality material will reliably protect your floor under any loads. You can put on the mats, dumbbells, kettlebells, to place the equipment. The floor will not be damaged and there will be a roar at each lowering of iron pancakes and other equipment. The surface of mats is moisture resistant. You can easily store and use mats. A special Velcro tape is provided for storage.
If you have something does not suit provides 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE without any questions.

  • Just unroll and use
  • Flawless warranty and return policy
  • Premium Quality
  • The size is fixed, not suitable if you need to close a large surfaces
  • Some of the users expected to receive more than hard mats

Sorbus Wood Grain Floor Mats

If you are demanding on the design of the room or want to allocate a small space for light training yoga, aerobics or fitness, this option will be ideal. You can choose one of the coating design options. There are 7 of them and they can be easily combined with any interior.
Quick Assembly mats on the principle of the puzzle. Good fixation quality. Thanks to the original design, you can use these mats in the apartment, classroom or even office. They will be able to perform training, meditate. Active kids games will be safer.

  • Original design
  • Wide range of application possibilities
  • Ease of install
  • not strong enough to install fitness equipment
  • under active training the surface can be erased

We Sell Mats

Production from the We Sell Mats company is first of all good quality. The material is durable enough, the coating is really non-slip. The surface of mats is relief. All sizes are perfect. Puzzle locks connect securely. 2′ x 2 ‘ tile size may be more suitable when used on a small area. Each package includes both tiles and borders in the right amount.
You can choose one of the most suitable colors or a combination of them. In a set of 15 colors and multi-color packs.
Installation does not require special skills or equipment. But there are certain difficulties that may arise. Therefore, we recommend that you view this video to more efficiently and quickly perform the work.

  • High quality
  • large selection of color options
  • Durability
  • Users complained about the differences in size in different batches
  • Density is not suitable for heavy loads

Buying Guide

In fact, the choice of Gym Flooring is large enough and you can not immediately understand what is right for you. Let’s try to understand what selection criteria you need to pay attention to. The main thing that is worth considering is:

  • Purpose – for what purposes do you plan to use the coating.
  • Required area – the ratio of proportions and size of the room or area to cover. This can save you money by cutting costs and making installation easier.
  • Quality and durability – no one wants to often buy mats and mess with their replacement.
  • Cost – in some cases it can be a significant difference in price
  • Easy installation-if there are any difficulties and features of the installation process it will take extra time and money

If you plan to do yoga – you will approach softer and more comfortable mats. When installing power tower or bench press-need more durable and solid mats. In some cases, it is important that they are really non-slip. If after installation will be installed fitness equipment it is important that the coating was of high quality. It is better to spend more time choosing and buying more expensive mats than after experiencing difficulties when using.
But there may be cases when at first glance unimportant factors can be decisive. For example design. For garage gym it is not so important. But if it is a space in the room of a small apartment it can determine the choice.

Best Gym Flooring
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