Power Tower Workout: The Definitive Guide

YOU PLAN TO DO WORKOUTS AT HOME BUT DO NOT KNOW HOW? Many people want to improve your fitness, lose weight, become stronger and tougher, but not everyone has time for regular workout at the gym. Having made the decision to train at home you need to choose simple but effective equipment. One such option is a power tower - it allows you to efficiently train your upper body using your body weight and basic exercises.

SO, WHAT'S NEXT? Everything seems clear, but there are many questions. We propose to study and use:
Power Tower Workout: Ultimate Guidebook

Power Tower Workout
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The Definitive Guide

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ADVANTAGES of Home Workout with Power Rower:


1. TIME. Important and basic advantage of home training is to save time. You don't have to get to the gym through the entire city. At any time convenient to you. There is no queue to the equipment of the crowd and You, no distractions.

Workout at home fit if you have a goal to get in good physical shape, but you can't spend time on it. Regular exercise at home will be better than the rare workout in the gym.

2. MONEY. Once having spent not more than two hundred dollars you get the opportunity to train with their own weight by performing basic exercises. It's cheaper than the gym.

Once having spent not more than two hundred dollars you get the opportunity to train with their own weight by performing basic exercises. It's cheaper than the gym.

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Muscle groups which can be trained and training exercises:


Let’s get started. At the beginning of any workout is the warm-up mandatory. Your body must be prepared to load the muscles and tendons warmed up, the pulse is brought to the desired level. We recommend not to skip this step and be sure to give him at least a little while.

Well as workout to workout prepares Your nervous system. This list of links will allow You to plan a variety of workouts that will suit You. But wait – there’s more:

Pull up

Exercise: Pull-up/Chin-up
Мuscle: Back/Biceps/Shoulders

One of the best basic exercises which can be performed using power tower is Pull Up. This is a very effective exercise for back muscles, but performing also works biceps and shoulders. This is one of the best bodyweight exercises allowing to develop muscle mass, strength and endurance.

Pull up has some basic variations: top handle or surreptitiously or crossed grip, overhand wide grip, different width of the grip - broad and narrow. Alternating the type and width of the grip you train more diverse. We recommend you perform this exercise at the beginning of the workout and do multiple sets. Get this:

Push up

Exercise: Push-ups
Мuscle: Chest/triceps/shoulders

Almost all models power tower include special handles for pushups. They allow you to perform the exercise with maximum amplitude and efficiently load the muscles of the chest, triceps and shoulders.

For maximum effect you can also exercise diverse. To use the horizontal bar as a support for the legs performing the exercise at an angle to the floor. Using a variety of posing hands, you can effectively train different muscle groups. It is important to perform the exercise with correct technique. Look:

Knee Raise

Exercise: Knee Raise/Leg Raise
Мuscle: Abdominals

Each power tower allows you to perform Knee Raise. This is a great exercise for the abdominal muscles. Usually provided by the backrest and armrests for adoption starting position and convenient exercise. This exercise should help you get beautiful ABS (to achieve the goal in addition to training use diet).

To raise the legs bent at the knee, or straight. Also lifting the legs alternately in hand, you train the oblique muscles of the torso. It is important to perform the exercise without swinging with proper technique. Part of the power tower enables you to perform advanced abdominal exercises. Want to see how to do it right now?


Exercise: Dips
Мuscle: Triceps/Shoulders/Chest

Dip an important exercise for the triceps, also shoulders are involved and can join in the work chest muscles. All models power tower allow you to perform this exercise using a convenient handle at dip station.

It is worth remembering that the exercise is traumatic and you need to protect and heat the elbows. Especially if your weight is large. Most importantly it's technique of the exercise. Do not adding additional weight while your technique is not perfect.


If your purpose in home workouts to lose excess weight you need apart from the basic training to perform cardio. This is an exercise in which burn maximum amount of calories. You should perform these exercises at least half an hour.

This can be done in the form of additional training, or after major exercises. It is important to adhere to proper heart rhythm. This increases Your endurance and speeds up metabolism. Don't give up and don't be lazy. Making your workout more effective.

Workout Programo

And the best part? You saw all the basic exercises, but how to combine them into an effective training program. We offer examples of functional fitness workout routine with the power tower, which allow you to train using your body weight and get maximum result.

These exercises can be performed with any power tower: Weider, Stamina or XMark (We recommend choosing the best power tower for Your purposes.). In most cases. It’s upper body exercises but some models allow you to train legs also. The training program aimed at developing muscle and strength. Just do it!

The Definitive Guide

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