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Perfect Pull Up Exercise

Perfect Pull Up Exercise
One of the basic exercises for back muscles is pull-UPS. This is a comprehensive exercise which also trains the muscles of the arms and shoulders. It can be used to develop grip strength. It is performed with the purpose of developing endurance, strength, under certain conditions – bodybuilding. In this article, we will discuss how to do Perfect Pull Up Exercise with Power Tower.

General information

Many are unable to catch up enough times and don’t know how to achieve this. In the presence of the horizontal bar of the house to do is quite simple. Also, this will help the power tower. This will simplify training. You will be able to do them when awake find free time. Training may be conducted more often.

It is important to train, not to make mistakes and to be persistent. The result is bound to be achieved. Combine this process with other workouts and it will be easier to achieve this goal. It is important to all workout, nutrition, daily routine. All this will help to get the result.

So, in order to achieve the result, you need to perform the exercise in a correct technique, to avoid frequent errors if you do not know how to learn and know how to move forward and develop. Any result is achieved by persistence. Choose the equipment most suitable for you, then training will be most effective.To make it easier to choose the model, pay attention to the rating The Best Power Tower 2017. So you quickly find the most appropriate equipment model.

How to do Perfect Pull Up Exercise?

Perfect Pull Up Exercise

Depending on Your goals technique of pull-UPS may change, you can use specific balls, the speed of execution. We consider the classic technique which is often used.

  1. Grab the pull-up bar with both hands. The grip can be forward or backward, a width of grip can also be different. Your legs can be slightly bent and crossed
  2. Pull your body up until the bar touches your upper chest (your chin should be above the crossbar)
  3. Not swing, concentrate on the back muscles. In the upper part of the scapula should be kept.
  4. After slowly lower your torso back to the starting position when your arms are fully extended and the lats are fully stretched
  5. Repeat desired number of times

In the beginning, you need to practice the technique of execution, after thinking about the growth of the result. Don’t hurry to pursue quantity or rate of exercise. The end result and progress depends on the quality of performance and regular training.

Pullup Muscles:

Pullup exercise Muscles

The image highlighted in the most involved muscle groups. Other muscles are also involved in the exercise as an auxiliary. The correct technique of exercises gives the possibility to train the desired muscle group

It would be better if once You Wake to catch up properly. This will help to avoid injuries. You’ll not fool yourself thinking that catch up a lot, although this will be achieved by using dirty equipment and rocking.

What if I can’t pull myself up even once?



Some people can’t catch up anytime. What to do with them? They either weigh a lot or just weak.

  1. If you attend a gym, use a special device to reduce the load
  2. Ask a training partner to help You – keeping your feet or helping you to climb up
  3. Use rubber bands – hook over the top bar and lower down. Foot install in the resulting loop – this will help You to catch up if your weight is not very big
  4. Use the stand to lift the body up slowly and independently perform the negative phase of the exercise. Falling down do it slowly
  5. Train your grip strength – just hang on the bar. Do partial pull up with a delay at the top
  6. Complete workout frequently.
  7. Do auxiliary exercises that develop the back muscles, arms, shoulders.
  8. Try to reduce weight if you are overweight, getting rid of it, you will progress in all bodyweight exercises
  9. Use similar exercises. For example, the thrust of the upper block.

The most common mistakes in Pullup

What difficulties may arise in the process of training Perfect Pullups and what mistakes often hinder the achievement of the result…

  1. Not used full range of motion. Performing the exercise on your back you need to perform the exercise in a full range. Otherwise, you will have maximum stretch. In the upper part, there is a slight fixation on seconds
  2. Rocking on the exercise. When you swing, you can not only help them but interfere with the exercise. Of the muscles involved, which should work. Cheating does not always help
  3. Sharp and fast movement. If You are not warmed up it can lead to injury. Also, you’ll wobble and stray. To perform the movement a little faster to catch up, and slower to descend
  4. You’re letting your elbows flare. If you want your lats to become stronger and more developed, then keeping your elbows under the bar matters.
  5. Not controlled by the shoulders and bending of the body. You need to control the initial position of the body and Your shoulders. It is important that the movement was due to the back muscles, not the biceps. Shoulders should be set aside, at the end of the movement of the blades is reduced.

What to do if there is no progress?

weighted pull UPS

Well, you learned how to catch up – but came to a certain result and then not moving. What to do if there is a stalemate and the results are not rising? Perhaps some kind of muscle group is lagging behind and hinders your progress. Or need the stress, allowing you to progress.

  1. Use series of exercises combining different types of load, grip.
  2. Do a few approaches before giving up
  3. Use additional weights – do some approaches, after a pull up without it
  4. Use loops, the locking of the brush and removes the load from the forearm.
  5. Capture your results in a training diary. Or use one of the special apps for your smartphone for recording the results.
  6. Use all the possible cycles of execution – for example, the pyramid principle increasing the number of repetitions and then reducing it

Persist and don’t stop training. Set small goals for the near future, achieve them and grow further. And training choose the best equipment from our rating: Best Power Tower

Perfect Pull Up Exercise
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