My aim with best-powertower.com is to provide useful tips for those who are interested in fitness equipment for home workouts. We pay great attention to the power tower.

Writing the articles, creating videos and images need a lot of time and energy, so I feel it is permissible to be compensated somehow. Therefore, I participate in various affiliate programs (Amazon and Clickbank) to monetize my website.

It is important that I only review products which are high-quality ones and I personally use therefore I review them without hesitation. It is important for me to be trustworthy and my aim is to make best-powertower.com a really reliable source.

Amazon Associates Disclosure

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What is affiliate link?

This simply means that if I suggest you a product to purchase and you buy that item, I will get a small referral commission. This does not mean you have to pay any extra cost. You will pay the amount as if you purchase right from the merchant.

This little extra income helps me to keep going on and to be motivated. We use these revenues to be able to test most of the products by themselves or in consultation with various specialists.