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Weider Power Tower

The Weider Power Tower combines four universal muscle workout stations into one unit. This is a perfect equipment for complex upper body training with your body’s own weight only. The Weider 200 weight limit is 300 lbs (136 kg) and it excellent for the busy home fitness.

In the review, we will examine the characteristics and capabilities of the equipment. Compare the cost and terms of purchase. Power tower dimensions:

  • Length: 4ft. 9 in. (145 cm)
  • Width: 3ft. 5in. (104 cm)
  • Height: 7ft. (213 cm)
  • Weight: 90 lbs

Weider 200 Assembly Instructions

For starters let’s consider its capabilities. It includes vertical knee raise station, a dip station, a multi-grip pull-up station and a push-up station. If You plan to assemble this equipment You will be helpful to download the Weider Power Tower Manual here (PDF Version). So, review this guide before buying. It contains warnings and tips for use. Keep this manual for future reference.

How to assemble the tower?

First of all, determine the location with enough free space. Next, read the instructions and prepare the necessary tools. Assembly design requires no special skills or tools. You will need adjustable wrenches, standard screwdriver. The process will not take much time. If you have any difficulties You can contact the Weiders service. I do not think that it can be difficult. Also when you buy you can order the Assembly.

If you have everything you need, you will assemble and install the equipment in about an hour. All the necessary elements for the connection of exact fit in size. This simplifies the Assembly process and it enables you to securely connect the entire structure. This is one of best power tower for this moment.
You can review the drawing below and familiarize yourself with the parts. Each element has the number.

Weider Power Tower parts

Sewn Vinyl Cushions: durable but soft to the touch material. It is not intended for use outdoors. The floor surface should be smooth. For stability, it is recommended to install a special coating. ProSource Puzzle Exercise Mat EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles. It is not expensive but creates a stable basis.

There is high quality in all elements. Many choose it for the combination of features, quality workmanship, and affordable prices. It has long been the most popular among counterparts in many stores. It is important safe fasten all connections for safe use of the power Tower during a workout.

Weider is one of the famous companies in the field of fitness. More information about the brand available here. It produces sports nutrition and fitness equipment. Is on the market for a long time – more than fifty years and has an impeccable reputation. Almost any athlete from all over the world knows about this brand. You can see the equipment of this firm in gyms all over the world.

Weider 200 Power Tower Workout

Wider Power Tower has a 300 lb weight limit. It’s a good limit and most athletes will not have to experience difficulties with balance equipment. The frame is very stable with only a small dimension of moving or trembling during exercise. You can train the arms, shoulders, chest, back, and abs.

Let’s look at the basic exercises you can perform Weider 200:

1. PUSHUP STATION – push-ups exercise the pectoral muscles, deltoids, and triceps. Keep your back straight. Also, you need to correct breathing, exhale on the effort.

2. MULTI GRIP PULL UP STATION – pull-up is an upper-body compound pulling exercise. It is a comprehensive basic exercise. It is important with an emphasis on the back muscles. In the top of the to shoulder blades, lower full down to full amplitude. You can use different types of grip for load and different types of muscles. Straight wide for the back muscles, the biceps. You can do pull-UPS to the chin, if not – you can do partial pull-ups or only negative (lifting, and slow down on its own).

3. DIP STATION – with dip station works triceps, chest, and shoulders. Exercise development chest at the lower chest and triceps. Don’t stoop too low, in order not to overload the shoulders. In this position, they are easy to injure. The elbow should bend about 90 degrees.

4. VERTICAL KNEE RAISE STATION – exercises for the core muscles. Convenient to carry a soft base and strong handles. Perform each exercise slow holding up the legs at the top. Raise your legs straight or bent at the knee. Additionally, use static exercises. Your abdominal muscles will be good.

Workout Program Infographics

Weider Power Tower workout

Save the pdf version here

Convenient handles make training comfortable. You can focus on the exercises. The big limit is the largest weight allows the use of extra weights.

Performing these exercises you can work on the upper body. Using your own weight the muscles of the arms, back, press, chest muscles. This will be enough to keep in shape or training for beginners. To increase intensity you can use a series of exercises, or reduce the rest time. The main advantage is the opportunity to do sports regular without spending a lot of time.

Features of the Weider Power Tower

The Weider 200 is one of the best cheap power towers available. Most of the comments about it are positive. Many users of a larger stature say that it more than did the job in supporting their weight. The advantage of this equipment in the each of details – quality, well-stitched leather back. The exact dimensions of each element.


  • easy and quick to assemble
  • available cost models with similar characteristics
  • many opportunities to pull-ups
  • comfortable handle
  • great price and warranty


  • large for small apartments

Tomy Horton – Fitness Trainer: “If you choose equipment for your home workout and want to get the maximum capacity without spending lots of money – choose Weider Power Tower. The durable yet simple design makes it a top pick among home gym enthusiasts.

After reviewing the video you can see the basic exercises performed and equipment appearance. Demonstrated that the equipment is quality and reliable.

Оwner Reviews

More than half of the buyers on Amazon have set the maximum rating (5 stars). The reviews were different, we presented only some of them. Everyone can stand down your opinion below this review.

David P.: Quickly received and completed the Assembly of this equipment. Bought special mats. Was very pleased with the purchase. Combine training on the power tower exercises with free weights. Just feel the progress.

Troy: Good sturdy pull-up bar with the dip/leg lift/push-up options. Comfortable to do exercises, not wobbly. Not immediately posted but now have found a good place and can conveniently be approached from any side.

Vincent I.: Thanks for the detailed and clear instruction. Received, collected and happy with the purchase. Too bad that my strength quickly ran out on the first day of training. Will now be able to train regularly and hope to achieve progress.

Best Price of Weider 200:

At the moment best price offers Amazon or Walmart. This is the best offer on the market at the moment. The average price is around 115 dollar and most of the stores offers free shipping. So the best price and terms of purchase below.

Amazon $ Check Price FREE Shipping
Walmart $ 129.96 FREE Shipping
Kohl’s $ 129.99 FREE Shipping
Ebay $ 114.34 FREE Shipping

Comparing the price in different stores it is recommended to consider and clarify the cost of shipping. The presence of taxes and any other additional payments. Since the price is not very expensive no more payments will allow you to get a minimal price.

When you order specify the largest period during which you receive your sale. Don’t forget about the bonuses, discounts are possible when buying. Check the availability of discounts associated equipment.


This is one of the best models cost about $ 100. Having the main functionality is a time-proven fitness equipment. The manufacturer is one of the market leaders in fitness equipment. The quality of manufactured goods is not in doubt. We can confidently recommend this equipment for use. For any level users who are looking weight limit and need a workout indoors.

Weider 200 live photo

You can find many reviews about this model the Power tower at famous stores Amazon or Walmart. The product is popular in most stores fitness equipment. Lots of users discuss this equipment on forums on fitness and bodybuilding. For example, here http://forum.bodybuilding.com users describe their opinions about using it. Conduct comparison with other products or more expensive models. Users describe their opinions about using Weider Power Tower, their training and results.

The average user rating, the model estimated at 4.3 points out of a possible 5. Most often the feedback is positive. All shortcomings are said in comparison with more expensive models. Or problems with delivery. So, we recommend purchasing via the reliable store. But this model occupies a position in our ranking in one of the groups of winners. It has the best combination of reliability, simplicity, functionality, and cost.

Weider Power Tower
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