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Folding Home Fitness Power Tower

New model power tower on the market Folding Home Fitness Power Tower Dip Station with Bench Bar – a multifunctional equipment for home workouts. Good quality products and a large number of additional functions make it noticeable against other models.

You get the set to the ability to perform pull UPS, push UPS, dip, leg lifts – a number of additional functions. It is also an exercise for the abs, using a special bench, bench press. Many exercises performed with free weights.

Main Characteristics:

Brand Youzee
Length/Width/Height 24.8 in./33.4 in./65 – 92.5 in.
Weight Limit 300 lbs
Product Color: Black

General Description

To save space, if necessary, the bench can rise to do not occupy additional space. This is useful when using in a small apartment. To assemble and use such equipment is very simple. The diagram illustrates the extent of the equipment. They should add the free space to make it easier to approach or leave the dumbbell or barbell.

Assembly equipment requires no special equipment or skills. It does not take much time. Everything needed comes in the kit.

Basic dimensions of Youzee Power Tower:

 Youzee Power Tower

Power Tower exercises

As already mentioned, it is possible to perform all basic exercises:

  • Raising of the legs for leveling the press with a soft backrest and armrests for easy fixing of the housing
  • For pull-UPS provided a comfortable non-slip grips on the bar
  • Convenient handles for performing dips – located in a comfortable width

Youzee Power Tower

Features of the Power Tower

The best model for training on the street. Fresh air for a more productive workout – what could be better. In addition to good weight limit. For athletes of medium and small weight it is possible to use the weights. Maximum stability is ensured by the ability to mount and sturdy frame.

The incline bench is adjustable – this allows you to perform exercises at different angles. Its height is 4 cm, width 25 cm, it is comfortable for any exercise lying down.
Lying on a bench you can perform exercises on abdominal muscles – crunches. Comfortable execution with locking legs and a soft bench.

Special holders allow you to place the barbell and perform a bench press. Exercise develops the muscles of the chest and triceps. When you have a dumbbell you can do a breeding dumbbell for chest muscles lying on the bench.

Power tower exerise

The bench can be used as a prop to perform a dip for the triceps. Or when you bench press weights with the rest of back muscles.

If you want to make exercises for the legs, you can also use the bench. Its height will allow you to perform jumping or other exercises to develop leg muscles.
Such a universal set of exercises makes training a full-fledged and allows to train all muscle groups a variety of exercises.

Features of the Power Tower with Bench Bar:

Great functionality is complemented by a comfortable size and the ability to adjust the height of the power tower. You can adjust the height of the horizontal bar, which is convenient both low and high people. It also allows you to comfortably perform a dip without worrying about the opportunity to hit his head on the bar.

Features of the Power Tower with Bench Bar

In some cases, this diversity of functions can be superfluous. But with regular training to progress will just need diversity training. This will allow you to consistently progress.

  • a great set of features – availability of the bench
  • comfortable handles, backrest and armrests
  • new model few reviews from owners

Despite its low weight, the power tower is strong enough. It is provided with additional rails, reliability and large-width planks, special stable legs equipment. Even during exercise was not observed a shift or jiggle. This type of equipment is new and becoming popular, so much so that we included her in its ranking of the best power tower.

For home workouts, this equipment will be indispensable. If there are free weights – dumbbell or barbell, you will get a full workout of the entire body, pumping every muscle in their body and ensure rapid muscle growth. Recommend this model for use. Perhaps in the near future, it will be one of the leaders in sales of such leading products.

Folding Home Fitness Power Tower
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