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Health Gear Power Tower CFT2.0

Health Gear CFT2.0 Functional Fitness “Gym Style” Training System is a fitness facility for the workout at home. Additional options greatly expand the functionality and capabilities of a standard power tower. In this review, we consider all these features and capabilities. So let’s begin.
Health Gear Power Tower

Key Features

Manufacturer Health Gear
Item Weight 103 pounds
Weight capacity 300 lb
Model number CFT2.0
Price Check on Amazon
The main features of the model are the presence of benches and Dumbbell Fly’s. In addition, the frame is used for additional fastening. They are placed on the bar, under bars, and at the bottom of the frame. They allow you to lock the expander and also to perform a variety of exercises.

1. The Use of Benches

The seat is adjustable and the user can choose the angle of inclination of the back. This will allow you to perform the exercises by changing the position of the body. The bench is equipped with soft lining and consists of two parts. It can be used to exercise the abdominal muscles. For this the soft rollers for fixing the legs. For this purpose, usually, the bench is separate from the power tower. When you connect it with the overall design of the exercises with dumbbells, barbells or kettlebells. Also at the bottom, there is a special attachment in the form of rings. They can be used to fix the rubber expander and also to perform the exercises.

2. Dumbbell Fly’s

Placed on the frame mount that can accommodate the barbell when performing the bench press. The height of the retainer is adjustable in height in three versions. The maximum weight that can be placed on these mounts – 300 lbs. We are not tested and cannot confirm these data. But, while training with high weight, I can recommend asking someone else to ensure you.

3. Health Gear Power Tower

The power tower is done quite efficiently. For all exercises, there is a special handle. When performing leg lifts used soft back and armrests. Their siding satisfied durable, made of quality material. Handle non-slip and in most cases they are comfortable.

Health Gear Workout

For training with the equipment the exercises with the weight of their own bodies, additional free weights, rubber resistance bands. We counted more than 20 possible exercises which first occurred to us. Probably there are many more.
Standard exercises include pull-ups, knee lifts, dip. Use various balls, combine exercises for maximum results.
It is also possible to bench press narrow and wide grip. These exercises train the triceps and chest muscles. Possible traction for the back muscles. Twisting on the bench press for ABS. Using mount case power tower, you can perform additional exercises with resistance bands. Or you can use the resistance bands as an additional load to the core exercises.


This model is the power tower is perfect for any beginner. It is hardy and functional. A greater variety of exercises will make house-training more effective. It is not suitable for professionals in full. There is no doubt that mount will withstand great weights. It is good in terms of costs, durability, and functionality. If you only plan to start training – we recommend paying attention to this equipment.

Health Gear Power Tower CFT2.0
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