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Ancheer Adjustable Power Tower

Ancheer Adjustable Power Tower
This Ancheer Power Tower is a simple but very reasonable quality, adjustable and multifunctional. You can do pull-ups, push-ups, dip and other exercises to train your triceps, biceps, deltoid, back, and core. It is useful for use by people of all ages, for kids to grow, young, middle-aged and elderly whether they are the beginner or advanced.

You can choose your desired and convenient height using the capabilities of the equipment. Adjustable height can go up to almost 90 inches from the minimal height of 70.2 inches as assembled. This allows you to comfort when performing different exercises.


Handle Length: Middle 22.62 inch / Top 36.66 inch
Bottom Size: 30.42 x 23.35inch (L x W)
Total Max Height: 89.7 inch
Weight Limit: 330 lbs
Product Color: black
Material: marbling steel
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Anti-slip allows you to hold the handrails. Despite its affordable price tower can be used with a weight of up to 300 pounds. It is stable and reliable. It is important to securely fasten all connections while assembling and You will get a strong and durable power tower. Assembly takes about 30 minutes. Do not rush, ensure a strong connection to all parts and components.

Ancheer Power Tower Dimensions:

Ancheer Adjustable

Ancheer Power Tower Exercises:

PULL-UPS different grips – narrow, wide, forward or reverse. This will give different load and allow loading arms, shoulders, back.

Ancheer Adjustable Power Tower GYM

PUSH-UPS – will allow you to load the chest muscles, deltoids and triceps. Comfortable handles allow you to do deep pushups.

Ancheer Adjustable Power Tower

DIP STATION – good workout of the arms and the deltoids with the ability to hold two balls

Features of the Ancheer Power Tower:

Such a simulator will allow you to get an intense workout in the home. No need to spend a lot of time to visit the fitness center. At any moment you can perform basic exercises that will give a good effect.

  • durability and reliability
  • the adjustability of the height
  • affordable price
  • height weight limit
  • no upholstered headboards

Mike – equipment seller: “Great trainer for home workouts. The main advantages of this adjustable height, good reliability, small size. A very popular model.

Оwner Reviews

Most of the comments about the product are positive. Many people like the ability to adjust height, quality steel, resistant hardware and affordable price. Buyers also noted a size – place this model in every apartment will not be a problem.

Kevin A. Elliott: Not be able to collect. But then he figured out and for half an hour the tower was ready. Otherwise, everything is fine. Convenient and does not take up too much space.

Henry Mutch: An excellent trainer for the home. For a year use, looks great, stable during exercise. Comfortable non-slip handle. I’m happy with the purchase.

Carl Moon: Chose for the price and weight limits, a very useful adjustable height of the horizontal bar. Without her, I would have banged my head. And so very convenient.

The equipment has a fairly simple construction and contains no additional features. But the cost of this model is not great. Therefore we can say that this option is well suited for beginners or athletes for which you need only the basic features. An important difference is a combination of great limit weight and compact size. It is compact and its height can be adjusted. You can easily place the power tower even in a small apartment. In most cases, you won’t worry whether it will stand your weight.

Ancheer Adjustable Power Tower
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