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Body Vision PT600 Power Tower

The Body Vision PT600 Power Tower allows you to get everything you need for easy home exercise weight for the upper body. Time-tested brand guarantees a high-quality product. Now You will be available best exercises for a home gym.

Although the model is not unusual it is quite popular. The main advantages is the quality, good stability of the model. Ideal for use in the apartment. So consider this model in detail.

Body Vision PT600 Dimensions:

Brand: XMark
Dimensions: 64 x 29.5 x 82 inches
Shipping Weight: 320 pounds
Weight capacity 600 lbs
Color: Gray

General Review

You get a durable product with heavy-duty steel frame and manufacturer’s warranty. The Power Tower offers a different type of workout options for your body:

  • a pull-up station with variable grip positions
  • legs raise station
  • chin-up and dip station

and slip-resistant foot grips that can be also be used as push-up bars.

The PT600 comfortable handle grips are height adjustable to costume almost any user, and this constructed with a stable, resistant base for your safety. Comfortable pillow provides firm support and protection arms and your back during your work-out.

Body Vision PT600 power tower assembly instructions in the set, but she probably won’t need all very simple and clear. You won’t need complicated tools, Assembly does not require special skills. Prepare free space, unzip the package and start the installation. Assembly will not take much time. For extra stability, you can use a drill and make holes to fix the station to the floor.

Installation must be performed on a flat floor. You can also use special rubber mats. This will allow you to obtain maximum stability of the equipment.

Body Vision PT600 power tower manual:

Body Vision PT600

The equipment is of very high quality. Handle non-slip grip and allow the grip when performing exercises. Soft armrests protect the hands from damage and allow you to comfortably perform the exercises. The soft back allows you to comfortably hold the body during exercise. It is important that all these items are made of quality leather and coating, so they will persist for a long time.

Body Vision PT600 home workout:

Using this model, the power tower, you can perform basic exercises by training with own weight. This is sufficient for a good home workout.

1. PUSHUP STATION – comfortable thanks to the special handles. A great exercise for developing chest muscles, triceps and deltas. The average width between the handles will fit most owners.
2. VERTICAL KNEE RAISE – exercises for the core muscles. Stable fixation of the body thanks to the comfortable pillow. Also, it is possible to perform leg raises hanging on the bar. Different variations of exercises will allow you to vary the load and muscle groups, which will focus.

Body Vision PT600

3. DIP STATION – develops arm muscles, strong grip, and triceps. A great basic exercise but requires good technique and warm up to avoid injury. Also gives the load on the muscles of the chest and shoulders.
4. PULL-UPS adjustable handles, a comfortable grip, different hand positioning for the development of different muscle groups. Provides convenient handles for different width of the grip. Exercise develops the muscles of the back is one of the basic exercises.


Main Features

This time it’s one of the best selling pull-up stations on the market, and as a free-standing tower, it’s a good choice for workouts at home because there’s no need for additional equipment. The multi-grip chin and pull-up bar allows for a good upper body workout that targets the back and triceps. Additionally, the dip station part of the tower permits a leg raise option to work out the quads.

The manufacturer is bothered by the good quality of every detail – to do the exercises comfortably. Equipment can be easily installed in any house and will not take up much space. But there are some disadvantages which can choose the other models.

  • easy and quick to assemble
  • reliability
  • convenient handle
  • dip and pull-ups station to one side (some high users can hit his head)
  • small weight limit

Tom Jonson – Seller fitness equipment: “This is a proven manufacturer of their device is suitable not only for home workouts but in small gyms. The device is convenient and functional. If Your weight is small and You don’t need extra functions, this option is perfect for You!

Body Vision PT600 Power Tower Review (Video):

Customer Reviews

Body Vision PT600 Power Tower is very popular in many stores. Many users leave their feedback about the purchase. Most of the reviews are positive. Here are some of them:

Mad: Does not take much space in my apartment. Convenient handles allow you to exercise confidently. The parcel arrived quickly and in good condition. The Assembly was done by myself, all simply and quickly. I’m happy.

Pit: For my weight an excellent equipment. High resistance to the pull-UPS and other exercises. A little widely separated handles for pushups. Now train regularly, it gives the desired result. Would recommend – very convenient.

William McKinley: A great choice for my weight and height. It was not immediately convenient to do push-UPS, for me the handle is too diluted. But now all is well. Convenient handles and the back cushion. Not lost nice appearance looks great.

Daniel Pool: Compact size will allow you to set the power tower in the apartment, private house or garage. Don’t need a lot of space, you can use any free corner. The minimum free space to be able to comfortably approach and to perform the exercises.

Body Vision PT600 Power Tower live photo

As a General conclusion it can be noted that at a modest cost, this model is very good. This option is ideal for those who need basic features and are satisfied with the limit weight. PT600 very popular and in demand with many stores. We recommend you to pay attention to when choosing the power tower.

Body Vision PT600 Power Tower
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