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Stamina 1700 Power Tower

Stamina 1700 Power Tower one of the new models with good features for home use. The frame design is different from previous models 1690 and 1691 updated. More angles, the two possible colors. Let us consider what is interesting in this new product, any feedback from users is received and what possible disadvantages.

Recommended for use for home practice with their own weight for building muscle mass, dumping excess body weight.

Stamina 1700 Dimensions

Brand Stamina
Model: 50-1700
Dimensions 54.0 x 48.0 x 85.0
Item Weight 94 pounds
Weight Limit 250 lbs.
Product Color: Grey, Black
Warranty 5 year Limited Manufacturer
Stamina 1700 Power Tower
Possible training the back muscles, pectoral muscles, shoulders, biceps, triceps, forearm and abdominal muscles. The design of the equipment is made of steel frame, vinyl armrests, soft backrest and non-slip handles. Color can be one of two things.

Stamina 1700 Power Tower manual

If you decide to purchase this power rack you can assemble it yourself. The kit provides instruction, allowing to perform the Assembly step by step. You don’t need to possess special skills, just prepare the tool-free place to place and find the necessary details. If You have a helper, it’s just wonderful. But remember the power tower is designed for individual use and test it better on the turn.
Stamina assembly instructions
If you have any difficulties with the package – the user has the necessary contacts to solve these problems. But usually packaging and the package is complete, and such problems do not arise.

Many customers in their reviews indicated that the Assembly is easy and fast, all items are made of high quality and there is a difficulty.

Stamina 1700 Exercises

With this equipment available exercise weight for the upper body. In the preparation of training programs should take into account your level of training, age and weight. Be sure to use the warm-up and focus on your pulse.
The level of intensity and volume loads better to build up slowly. In the instructions you will find recommendations for training and a table with the recommended heart rate zones based on age. We recommend combining these workouts with other exercises for endurance and workout other groups of muscles. Legs can be trained with squats, Jogging, lunges and other exercises.
The inclusion in the training warm-up helps to avoid injury, sprains. It also prepares the nervous system to physical loads and causes the body to the desired state. It’s worth spending ten minutes. Recommendations for the warm-up is also in the instructions.

  1. Dips – effective exercise for the triceps and shoulders as well as for the bottom of the chest muscles
  2. Push-Ups – great exercise for the development of the relief of the pectoral muscles and strong triceps
  3. Lat Pull-Ups – one of the basic exercises for developing a wide back, different grips allow you to train the biceps
    Lat Pull-Ups
  4. Vertical Knee Raise – form a strong abdominal muscles, and bark form the oblique abdominal muscles
    Vertical Knee Raise
  5. Sit-Ups – effective exercise for the abdominal muscles, which will allow you to get the coveted six pack abs

Training with this equipment will allow you to perform basic exercises with the weight of his own body. Training will be useful for athletes of any level. To increase stability is to use special rubber Mat, which can be purchased separately. You can also set the frame to the floor, screwing it to the floor bolts.

This is a fairly budget solution for home training, high quality, all the necessary basic features for training. This model is ideal for beginners. No unnecessary complications, all required features are provided efficiently.

Some users may be a small weight limit. But it is worth considering that in this case it is listed on a reserve stock. So you can use with confidence. Also presents only the basic exercises for training. Users are becoming more demanding and want more. But for this price, You get a really high-quality fitness equipment.

Stamina 1700 Power Tower
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