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Body Champ Power Tower 5-Station VKR

Body Champ Power Tower 5-Station VKR 1010/1700 popular model with great stylish design and good functionality. Comfortable handle, sturdy base, high stability, and durability.

This will allow you to perform all the basic exercises when training with your own body weight. So let’s examine the main features Body Champ.
The manufacturer has taken care of the comfort. Comfortable soft handles allow grip when performing exercises. You’ll keep thinking that somewhere something presses or pushes together. Maxim attention to your training. This equipment will comfortably fit in your apartment or house. Possible weight limit will allow a person to engage in up to 250 lbs.


Brand Body Champ
Length/Width/Height 55.0 in./41.38 in./83.5 in.
Item Weight: 51.7 lbs
Weight Limit 250 lbs
Product Color: grey, black

Body Champ all side

To assemble this tower will be able almost every. You will need not much time and a screwdriver. Free space for installation with a reserved space. To make it easier to deal with the design – we prepared the user manual – you can download it:

Main parts of Body Champ Power Tower:

Body Champ Power Tower

Body Champ Power Tower Function:

PULL-UPS adjustable handles, a comfortable grip, different hand positioning for the development of different muscle groups.

VERTICAL KNEE RAISE – exercises for the core muscles. Stable fixation of the body thanks to a comfortable pillow

Body Champ 5-Station VKR

DIP STATION – develops arm muscles, strong grip, and well-developed triceps. Also gives the load on the muscles of the chest and shoulders
PUSHUP STATION – comfortable thanks to the special handles. A great exercise for developing chest muscles, triceps and deltas.

Features of the Power Tower:

Most of the customers noted the quality of the product. Despite the small weight limit, the tower is quite stable and comfortable. Much attention is paid to usability. The optimal distance between the handles, the height of the bar – all this makes training convenient. Handles do not slip. Softback confidently holds the body while lifting the legs. The reviews were most likely marked by the following characteristics

  • Comfortable handles and backrest
  • takes up little space
  • reliable
  • a small weight limit

Jason Rogers – fitness trainer: “In any gym, this equipment is always useful. All need opportunities, not taking up much space. Well proven manufacturer. In my opinion, this is one of the best models power towers.

Body Champ Power Tower overview:

Оwner reviews

Body Champ Power Tower 5-Station VKR 1010/1700 is very popular in many stores. Users are willing to leave reviews and most of them are positive.

William Minton: Bought this model a power tower. Quickly delivered, but lost the manual. Downloaded here, quickly sorted out and collected.

Thomas Hawthorne: With my weight sways slightly on dips. I had to put weights on the legs. Everything else was fine. Took a lot of space

Robert C. Mullen: Very convenient model. Everything you need is there. Looks great. Stable and good sizes. To catch up is comfortable and non-slip handle.

Body Champ Power Tower 5-Station VKR
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