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Merax Boxing Power Tower Combo

Merax Boxing Power Tower Condo Home Fitness Workout Station is a modern fitness model from a reliable manufacturer. It combines the horizontal bar, parallel bars, arms for push UPS and stand to the punching bag. This gives a number of opportunities for effective training in your home gym.
So, consider the main characteristics and dimensions of this model power tower.
Merax Boxing Power Tower

Manufacturer Merax
Assembled size 47″(W) x 66″(D) x 85″(H)
Can be replaced with boxing bag up to 55 lbs
Weight Limit 280 lbs
Material steel frame, foam hand grips
Product Color: black
Price Check on Amazon
Equipment dimensions (for a full training you will need additional space of 1-2 meters on each side)

Main Advantage

The main advantage of Merax Boxing Power Tower Combo is its functionality. But this is not the only advantage. Consider in detail.
# Functionality. It is possible to perform basic exercises: chin-ups, pull-ups, leg raises, push-up and sit-ups for abdominal muscles. In addition, training with a punching bag is possible.
# High quality The construction is made of high quality steel and has high strength. The mounts are reliable and durable. This model will serve you for a long time.
# Punching bag The design provides a mount for hanging punching bag weighing up to 55 lbs. Comes with BOXING BAG HOOK
# Comfortability All handles are very comfortable. They have a convenient shape and size. Parallel dip station bars can be folded if necessary for more convenient exercise, where they are not involved.
# Affordable price With the above advantages, the cost is very attractive. This is a good alternative to many more expensive models. Moreover, now there are special conditions of purchase.


Important Detail

For our part, we must confirm the high quality. It is presented in all details. Durability, quality of painting, reliability of connection of elements, coating materials. Everything looks very good. Handles are covered with soft material, which makes the exercise more comfortable. On the legs there are protective plastic tips. They will reduce the wear of the floor. But we still recommend using special mats.
The weight limit could be higher. But given that the equipment can be an additional load in the form of a punching bag – this is a good indicator. We watched a guy training with a weight of 200 lbs. The power of the tower remained fairly steady.

Merax Boxing Power Tower Combo
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