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Xmark Deluxe XM-2842 Power Tower

Xmark Deluxe XM-2842 Power Tower with Heavy Bag Stand (Heavy Bag NOT Included) – a great choice for home workouts with basic exercises with the own weight and a heavy punching bag. High strength allows you to comfortably perform pull UPS without worrying about the stability of the simulator.

This model will appreciate demanding customers, who value reliability and durability. It is made from durable steel and high quality materials. The peculiar form of the legs increases the stability of the equipment with the heavy bag.


Brand XMark
Model: XM-2842
Height/Width/Length 94” x 54.5” x 62”
Item Weight 126 pounds
Heavy Bag Weight (max) 100 lb

Xmark XM-2842 Assembly

The main feature of the model is high strength and the ability to use longer heavy Boxing bag. In addition, there are convenient handles to perform various exercises with their own weight. This is one of the novelties added to the ranking of the best power tower 2018.

Xmark Deluxe XM-2842

To ensure that the Assembly process was as simple as possible we recommend you to download and use manual. There comprehended describes the Assembly process step by step.

Assembly of this model of equipment is quite easy. This will require a minimum of tools, space, and possibly someone to help. The process will take just over an hour. Although the legs provide special protection, protect the floor from scratches, we recommend the use of rubber mats.
Unfortunately, we haven’t found the manual to Xmark Deluxe XM-2842 but this should not cause any problems with the Assembly or use.

Power Tower With Punching Bag Workout

Features this power tower give more opportunities for training. It’s like standard exercises and exercises with a punching bag. So consider the basic exercises:

  • Pull-UPS – develop the back muscles, arms and shoulders. Possible a variety of grips to train different muscle groups.
  • Pushups – help to train the muscles of the chest, triceps, shoulders. Handles allow you to exercise with high-quality chest muscles
  • DIPS – allow you to train the triceps, the shoulders and the bottom of the pectoral muscles. To complete the recommend to efficiently warm up the elbows and shoulders. Exercises quite traumatic.
  • Vertical leg lifts – convenient to carry with special armrests. Exercise develops the abdominal muscles.
  • Twisting can be performed using special soft mounting foot.
  • Training with a punching bag – may strikes with a heavy bag.

How to choose a Heavy Bag

It is worth reminding that heavy pear not included and sold separately. You can choose the desired option for the price, weight. The choice is big enough. In addition, You need to purchase gloves that protect the hands when training. This gear is expensive, and you can select it easily enough. We can recommend one of the following options. This is the most popular on Amazon:

heavy bag

This is a convenient way of saving space. Don’t have to look far to hang the punching bag. It is difficult to place in the apartment. Or need to buy special hardware for hanging Pick up a heavy bag for rigidity. Count on their trained not to injure hands.

Owner Reviews

This simulator is suitable not only for professional boxers. This is a great opportunity to get rid of excess weight and stress. It can be used by both men and women.

Power Tower With Punching Bag reviews
The power tower is conveniently located in the apartment, house or garage. Need a little free space on both sides of the machine. So you will be able to perform the exercises. Will not have problems to place the rack in the yard on the street. The heavy bag can be removed and hung as needed.
Xmark Deluxe XM-2842 photo
The main drawback of this model is the relatively high cost despite the fact that heavy pear is not included and needs to buy extra. If you don’t plan to use it, you can purchase a few cheaper analog.
Xmark Deluxe XM-2842 a good model of the power tower. Allows combining good opportunities for home training fighters. May recommend for purchase and use. Many buyers put a high estimate this model, acknowledging the high quality of Assembly and strength of construction power tower.

Xmark Deluxe XM-2842 Power Tower
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