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ProGear 275 Fitness Tower

ProGear 275 Power Tower Fitness Station with Extended Capacity – this is an underexposed model from a well-known brand that will suit most buyers. Its price slightly exceeds a hundred dollars, but this is not the main advantage. Let us consider this model in more detail.

Excellent budget model for training with own weight. You can perform basic exercises for the upper body, the muscles of the press, arms, back. Compact dimensions allow you to place it in any vacant place of an apartment, house or garage. An important advantage of this model is the quality of each child.


Brand Pro Gear
Length/Width/Height 43.00 in./38.00 in./84.00 in.
Item Weight: 96 lbs
Weight Limit 275 lbs
Product Color: gray

General Information

Weight limit for this model is 275 lbs. Basic exercises that you can perform: dips, pushups, pull-ups, chin-ups, vertical knee and leg raise.

So if you are planning to buy ProGear 275 Power Tower for yourself acquaintance will begin with the assembly. This process does not take much time and does not require complicated tools. It will be good if someone helps you. Prepare an empty seat, unpack the parcel and proceed.

Basic description of the model:

ProGear 275 Power Tower description

An important feature of the model is the quality in every detail. Comfortable handles for pull-ups allow you to perform the exercise with different grips. Handles are non-slip, which allows you to train comfortably. To start the basic position for pull-ups, a special leg can be used. For push-ups, special handles are used. When exercises are performed for the muscles, the back press is fixed – for this purpose, a soft backrest is used, as well as armrests.

The dimensions of the tower power are as compact as possible, but the equipment is very stable. In addition, the legs are closed with special plastic plugs. This protects the floor from scratches and damage. If your weight is less than 250 lbs – then this model will suit you.

So what exercises can you do with this equipment?

This equipment involves using your own weight for training. They can be very diverse and you will be able to fully exercise. We recommend using the training program, classify the lessons and, if possible, record the results. This will be a good motivation for the growth of results. Do not forget to do a warm-up – this will avoid unnecessary stretching and trauma.

ProGear 275 Power Tower Workout

1. Push-ups a perfect basic exercise for the development of the muscles of the chest, shoulders, and triceps. Do the exercise slowly and make several approaches.
2. Dips – an exercise that athletes of different levels use. It is important to warm up your elbows well and perform the exercise with the right technique. It is better not to overcome the pain in the joints and gradually improve the result.
3. Chin Ups A perfect exercise for the muscles of the back. Without it, the training of most athletes cannot do. Different variations of exercises are possible – changing grip can load different muscle groups – back, arms, shoulders.
4. Vertical Knee and Leg Raise dream of much-embossed ABS with cubes, which can be achieved by combining proper nutrition and training. This exercise allows you to train the bottom of the press.

Features of ProGear Power Tower

  • Reliability – the manufacturer of fitness equipment has won a good reputation for a long time being on the market. Its products combine high quality and affordable price.
  • Durable Steel Frame – durable powder coated tubular steel main frame is angled and reinforced with support bar. Guaranteed to cope with the load. Stable with intensive training.
  • Sustainability – special coatings on the legs and a quality frame ensure stability and do not harm the floor.
  • Forearm and Back Cushions – comfortable soft pals allow for easy training focusing on the performance of the exercise
  • Multifunctionality – it is possible to perform a large number of exercises with its own weight. You can replace the workout in the gym at home fitness

ProGear 275

Users who bought this model often note a good combination of low price and good quality. They are satisfied with the reliability and convenience, the ability to perform the most necessary exercises. For convenience when performing pull-UPS You can raise your Dip’s handles and perform the exercise without worrying that you’ll cling to and something will disturb You.

ProGear 275 Video

More clearly see the capabilities of this equipment can be in the video review. We recommend viewing it.

  • Reliability and durability
  • Low cost and good quality
  • Small weight limit

General Conclusions

We can draw the following General conclusion on this fitness equipment. This model is perfect for those who want the basic features without any additional features and capabilities. It is durable, high-quality and compact. The main limitation to use is the weight limit. The rest can confidently recommend to ProGear 275 to purchase and use.

See no reason to pay more, the cost of this power tower is a reasonable and fair price. To purchase the equipment at any fitness store or via the Internet.

ProGear 275 Fitness Tower
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