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Stamina X Fortress Power Tower

Stamina X Fortress Power Tower with the jumping surface will allow You to have a strong and beautiful body, to exercise regularly at a time convenient for you. Good equipment that will benefit the athlete of any level and degree of preparation. Possible exercise almost the entire body.

The Assembly of this equipment is not difficult. You’ll need a little time and standard tools. After Assembly, it is possible to adjust the height of placing of some elements at the desired height. In the final stage, suspended platform and climbing hand holds.

Main Characteristics:

Brand Stamina
Length/Width/Height 57.0 in./48.5 in./85.0 in.
Weight Limit 250 lbs
Product Weight: 150 lbs

Parts of Stamina X Fortress:

This power tower has a number of unusual items. Custom grips for pull-ups, loops, a platform for training the legs. Handles for push-UPS are adjustable in height. To be clear, review what the main parts are:

Stamina X Fortress

Stamina  X Fortress Power Tower function

1. PULL-UPS Standard pull-UPS for a strong back and arms. Comfortable handles to grip, custom grips for the development of the hands. What is important for training of arm-wrestling
2. DIP STATION – develops arm muscles, strong grip, and well-developed triceps. Also gives the load on the muscles of the chest and shoulders
3. STEP-UPS AND SINGLE-LEG SQUATS – nonslip jumping surface allows you to perform various exercises to develop the muscles of the holes.

Stamina X Fortress PULL-UPS

3. VERTICAL KNEE RAISE – comfortable soft handle to perform exercises for the core muscles. Perform each exercise with AB Straps.

4. PUSH-UP STATION – exercise with the help of special handles. A good exercise to develop the chest muscles. Either raise the body holding onto the handles.


Features of the Power Tower

Stamina X Fortress multifunctional equipment for training at home. Adjustable handles for push-UPS conveniently adjusts desired height. Many exercises for training the legs with the adjustable box is also distinguished by this equipment with additional capabilities.

  • adjustable Plyo Box
  • Power Tower with Bench
  • Additional grips for pull-UPS
  • handles for push-UPS are adjusted according to the height
  • a small weight limit

Tim Duncan – fitness trainer: “The best model for a variety of workouts. Very suitable for training of arm wrestling. The possibility of a full leg workout. Very versatile power tower.”

Stamina X Fortress Power Tower Video:

Stamina | X Fortress Power Tower one of the most functional and attractive models. Because of these features, buyers choose it. Someone convenient the ability to customize for themselves. Others are important to be able to train legs without additional equipment. It is important to train your grip to perform pull-ups with special grips.

In addition, this model looks really cool. With small weight limits, it is stable at the maximum possible load while performing any exercise. You get a really comprehensive training for the entire body. And this is what gives the best results. Train effectively with this model a power tower.

Stamina X Fortress Power Tower
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