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Weider Power Tower vs Gold’s Gym Power Tower

Weider Power Tower vs Gold's Gym Power Tower

Recently we received a question from our reader: how to choose the model of the power tower from several options that fit the parameters? Brain compared Weider Power Tower vs Gold’s Gym Power Tower. He was satisfied with their price, features, quality, and size. But could not decide what is best for their goals. Seeing this issue in our review, we decided to perform the comparison and to provide an overview on the website. Their design is virtually identical, and both of these models are included in our ranking of the best power tower 2018. We compare two popular models – the Gold’s Gym XR 10.9 and Weider 200.

On our website, there are detailed reviews of this equipment, so we won’t pay to repeat, but focus on comparing models according to their characteristics, opportunities for training, buying opportunities. Compare and try to determine which situation which model you should choose.

Sizes, Weight and Features

The model is similar in size and location of the horizontal bar, handles, armrests, and backrest. Gold’s Gym Power Tower a little taller and larger, this difference can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. If you need space saving is an advantage for Weider 200. In addition to sizing different weight and the maximum weight of the athlete. The difference in the sizes is as follows:

Sizes, Weight and Features

VERDICT: If you are a small weight and height – You is fine Weider 200 – it will be easier to do the exercises and it will take less time. If Your weight is near the limit, it is better to choose Gold’s Gym – it weighs more, will be more stable when performing exercises. So definitely recommend the choice of these parameters is difficult.

Possible exercises for training

Both options have approximately equal opportunities to exercise. This is the basic features for training the upper body. The basic exercises without any features. You can perform pull – UPS- in both cases, the handlebar non-slip, suitable for different types of grip. Handles for push-UPS are located in a similar way and allow the user to train the muscles of the chest (Handles located on both sides). For Vertical Knee Raises provides comfortable armrests and handles and a padded back that will allow you to conveniently perform the exercise in both cases. For the convenience of the DIPS can be set to the distance between the handles.

In this case, it is necessary to focus on the convenience of the size of the height of the equipment, the distance between the handles and take into account the weight limit. The quality of manufacture and reliability of equipment is at the equal level. If you are not able to try both – focus on these dimensions.

What to buy?

Both manufacturers have long been leaders in the fitness industry and have established ourselves as reliable. Quality of their equipment is difficult to find fault. At the time of comparison of the models – they are virtually identical in price. We performed the comparison at several stores and found a very small difference in price.

To make it easier to make your choice – we suggest to consider the summary information:

Option Weider Gold’s Gym
Length, in: 49 57.5
Width, in: 35 41
Height, in: 70 84
Weight, lbs: 90 99
Weight limit, lbs: 300 350
DIPS + +
Detailed review read here read here

From myself I can add that when testing my personal choice would have stopped at Gold’s Gym XR 10.9 – I’m tall, with my weight an additional supply limit will not be superfluous. Although the pull-UPS both options were sustainable and comfortable. I also have long hands and perform push-ups and dips on Weider Power Rack was not very comfortable, you can say that it was crowded.

Weider Power Tower vs Gold’s Gym Power Tower
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