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Marcy Power Tower – Multi-Grip Pull Up TC-3515

The Marcy Power Tower – Multi-Grip Pull Up TC-3515 reliable equipment for home workouts with own body weight. Allows you to train different muscle groups by performing basic exercises. The manufacturer focused on quality manufacturing and convenience of use of this equipment.

  • Brand: Marcy
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 52 x 42 x in..
  • Color: Black
  • Model: TC3515
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs

Shipping Weight: 71 pounds. The TC-3515 showcases an integrated back pad that assists the body during intense workouts, keeping you comfortable and well-supported. An integrated push-up station acts as a step for VKR. Deserves a high estimation quality of the equipment. Every detail of the Marcy Power Tower is made firmly and securely.

Marcy Home Gym Exercises:

With this model of equipment can perform standard basic exercises.

Marcy Home Gym

  1. Pullups various grip – wide for the development of muscles, the narrow and the muscles of the hands.
  2. Dips for the development of triceps, shoulders and chest muscles.
  3. Vertical leg rises – good exercise for the muscles of the stomach and core
  4. Pushups help to develop the chest, shoulders and arms

Best Price of Marcy TC-3515

The table shows the minimum price presented in the store. Data current as of 27.10.2017

Amazon $ Check Price FREE Shipping
Vminnovations $ 130.99 FREE Shipping
Walmart $ 149.99 FREE Shipping

Advantages Marcy TC-3515

The main advantages of this model is the following

  • The robust frame construction and legs
  • Versatile VKR with deluxe padded arm rest
  • Multi-grip pull up station
  • Back pad soft and comfortable
  • Non-slip coated handles for dip station

The legs are equipped with a special protective finish which protects the floor from the vehicle. So the fitness station can accommodate in the apartment.

Marcy Power Tower Video Review

Below is a detailed video review from the manufacturer of the equipment:

Trusting this brand, we have studied the opinions of customers, gathered feedback on the forums. In most cases, customers are satisfied with the quality of the power tower. Of the disadvantages can be called only by the lack of additional options such as a bench mount for a punching bag, barbells. If all this is not necessary – this model is a great option to buy. The cost is very affordable.

Marcy Power Tower – Multi-Grip Pull Up TC-3515
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