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XMark Power Tower (XM-4434)

The XMark Power Tower XM-4434 is the power tower you will want to commit to as each passing workout brings you closer to your ideal body. All the necessary features, good durability and quality materials.

Good bar for pull-UPS different grips. The backrest and armrests sewed double seam of quality material. All this leaves a very good impression. You can always take a short break and perform a number of simple and effective exercises for the major muscle groups.

XMark XM-4434 Dimensions:

Length/Width/Height 52.8 in./24.8 in./82.8 in.
Weight Limit 350 lbs
Product Color: grey or white


Such a purchase is always to pay off the result. Quality equipment will last a long time. To build or disassemble a tower we recommend to save the user XMark XM-4434 manual:

Assembly requires no special skills or tools. Looking for standard keys, screwdriver, space. It will be helpful if your friend will come to help. With a partner to collect will be faster and more fun. And to try out the power tower can be together.

Main Parts

XMark XM-4434 Power Tower

XMark Power Tower Exercises:

1. PULL-UPS adjustable handles, a comfortable grip, different hand positioning for the development of different muscle groups. Convenient location on the opposite side Dips.
2. VERTICAL KNEE RAISE – exercises for the core muscles. Stable fixation of the body thanks to the comfortable pillow as well as the soft armrests. For taking the starting position has a special footrest.

XMark XM-4434

3. DIP STATION – develops arm muscles, strong grip, and triceps. Also gives the load on the muscles of the chest and shoulders. To perform the special pen provided.
4. PUSHUP STATION – comfortable thanks to the special handles. A great exercise for developing chest muscles, triceps and deltas.

Although the power tower is quite stable should not wobble when you exercise. It is important to do the exercises skillfully. The equipment is designed for simultaneous use by one person. To train anyone – guy or girl, beginner or experienced athlete.

Features of the Power Tower

One of the advantages of this model is the quality of all items. Comfortable handle, durable stitching, upholstered back, a sturdy mount. If you want a durable product, then this model will suit You. If the quality builds, the power tower is installed on a flat surface, it will last You a long time.

Ted Linson – Seller: “Always easy to sell a good product. Buying XMark XM-4434, the buyer is satisfied. It is always possible to recommend to demanding people.”

XMark XM-4434 features

Main advantages

  • High quality
  • strength
  • ease the backrest and handles

Main disadvantages

  • a bit narrow distance for dips

XMark XM-4434 Video Review:

In the video, we see that even with dynamic exercises a power tower is resistant and stable. All options of exercises you can perform without fear of losing balance. Depending on the model may further be installed equipment that allows you to do crunches for the abdominal muscles. This increases functionality and gives you the opportunity to make exercise more varied and effective.

Оwner Reviews

XMark Power Tower is very popular. This model is always a lot of opinions in many stores. But usually many of the same factors that draw the attention of the owners.

Carlos Graves: With this equipment, my training became much steeper. Now using the power tower and free weights I do everything I need exercise

Franklin Ackerman: Sustainable power tower with good strength. Exercise regularly. It helps me in building a strong body. I would recommend buying.

Howard: I bought this equipment a year ago, very happy. You can now run a full-fledged training spending a minimum of time. Good purchase

The manufacturer is well established in the market for fitness equipment. All buyers were happy with their reliability and durability. It is worth noting that the equipment can be used in the apartment. It will take up little space, but provide many opportunities and benefit. We can recommend this model for use.

XMark Power Tower (XM-4434)
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