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Health Gear CFT2.5 Functional Fitness Power Gym System

Health Gear CFT2.5 Functional Fitness Power Gym System this is a wonderful novelty for beginners. This is not a standard power tower. Opportunities give much more opportunities for training at home. Workout devotion allow: Pull-Up, feature up bars with improved devalue introjected Push-Up bars new rotational Sit-Up ankle pedals adjustable dimension dip handles includes Ab straps, hiatus handles and new adjustable barbell bar supports opportune new overflowing, low, and mid cut points allows for serviceable suitability upbringing exercises with noesis bands, straps, cables etc.

Genetal Information

Health Gear CFT
Soothing and easy-to-clean upholstered cushions hulk can be also be accessorized with the Health Wheel CFB 500 programme worktable (sold singly). Let’s move to our detailed review and consider the characteristics, advantages, and possibilities of this model.

Brand Health Gear
Weight: 93 pounds
Weight limit 300 lb

The rise is designed to puddle it soft for you to get a sheer and amount workout from habitation. It’s made of a heavy-duty touchstone 2.5-inch gain steel tubing. The powerful poise mentation with an elevated frame that makes it easier to accomplish numerous of the exercises that are fashioned to ply you get in the primo healthiness of your history. There is sideslip defiant caps for other change discipline somatogenic changes.

Chief Advantage

The main feature of this model, the power tower is its multifunctionality. With this, you can perform basic exercises are also convenient.

  • Multifunctionality and a variety of possible exercises,
  • Comfortable size, sturdy frame and non-slip handles and feet
  • Workout stations include:, pull-up, chin up bars with reinforced Crossbar, adjustable vertical knee raise with padded arm cushions, lower integrated push-up bars, new rotational sit-up ankle pedals
  • The ability to adjust, the use of additional straps, remove if necessary.

Health Gear CFT2.5

Workout with Health Gear CFT2.5

Using this equipment you get a good variety of possible exercises. This will allow you to make a plan of workouts for all muscle groups. Let’s look at the basic exercises.


Pull-UPS you can perform different grip. The horizontal bar is curved, non-slip handle. It should be noted that the power tower is quite high and perform pull-UPS comfortably even high users.



Performing dips, a bench is removed and you get enough space. The handles of the horizontal bar split so You can not be afraid of collision of the head with it. The height of the bars can be adjusted for each user.

Training the Abdominal Muscles

You can perform knee raises, hold legs. This provides a soft backrest and armrests. In addition, you can run twisting. They are easier to perform using a special rotational sit-up ankle pedals. Additionally, you can perform the exercise with padded arm cushions



To perform pushups there are special handles. You can also use pendant handle and perform more exercises for chest muscles.


Training with a Barbell

For training of the post, there are special holders. They are attached to the frame at the required ceiling. Of course, they’re not meant for very heavy weight. But it’s perfect for any beginner. You can perform the bench press to train the chest muscles or by using a narrow grip to train the triceps.
Training with a Barbell

Our Verdict.

Health Gear CFT2.5 Functional Fitness Power Gym System is perfect for training at home – at its cost, this is a wonderful multifunctional equipment. Good quality and durability will allow you to train with her. A variety of exercises and the number of possible exercises allows students to achieve high results. We confidently recommend you to pay attention to this new product.

Health Gear CFT2.5 Functional Fitness Power Gym System
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