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Fitness Power Tower

Fitness Power Tower
You bought a power tower – what next? A little effort and you have collected this equipment. Set it in a convenient location and would like to start training. Start Fitness Power Tower with the most simple and basic exercises. If You are a beginner, it will give you the best result.

General information

If you have experience of sports. Are you familiar with the technique of performance of exercises? Maybe you already engaged and now has updated equipment. Then this article may be boring for you.

We focused on beginners who are just starting to exercise. It’s well if someone will be able to tell You what to do. If this is not possible – this article is for You. But let us all read more. More detailed and clear information about training with power tower assembled in our Definitive Guide.

Before using we need to make sure that the tower is assembled correctly, all connections are secured correctly and firmly. To embed you need to choose a place where it will be convenient to perform the exercises to approach the Power Tower from all sides. It would be great if it can be aired. Make sure that the equipment is installed steadily, not staggering and not tipping. If everything is OK, you can proceed.

Important. Before any workout, do a light workout. Warm up muscles with light exercise. This will prevent injuries and sprains. You can then proceed to the main exercise. You need to properly perform each exercise to get maximum effect.

Fitness with Power Tower:

Push Ups

An excellent exercise for the chest muscles and strengthens the triceps. The exercise should be slow, the back must be straight and not bend when you run. Useful if your hands will be a bit higher – you will be able to go lower and harder to stretch the chest muscles. It is easy to do with a power tower using a special handle. You can also use the stand for feet. This will allow you to move the center of gravity to the top of the body and more to involve the upper chest muscles. When you can easily do push Ups more than 30 times with good technique, use additional weight.


The dip is a good exercise used in training. Hold the handle and slowly lower yourself until there is a 90-degree angle created between the upper arm and forearm and not swaying. Then, exhale and raise your body to starting position. Try to perform the exercise without jerking.
The exercise trains the triceps and anterior deltoid. Might also include the chest muscles and rhomboid muscles. To avoid any trauma to the elbows warm up more than light exercise

Leg Raise

Grasp the handles and press your back into the backrest. Allow your legs to hang down and then sluggishly lift your knees toward your chest. The action should be controlled and conscious as you raise your knees up until your leg is parallel to the floor.
You can raise the legs bent or straight. This is a great exercise for core muscles. Lifting your leg you can make turns for lateral abdominal muscles. You can also perform this exercise hanging on the bar. Raise legs, or hold a 90-degree angle.

Pull Up

Basic exercise for the back muscles and hands. Changing the type and width of the grip you can use different muscle groups. A wide grip gives the strain on the back. Slim, straight-grip – strengthens the triceps and deltoids, reverse grip will allow you to load the biceps. Also, you can catch up with your head and a good load of the trapezoid muscles.

These basic exercises can be performed with any basic version of the power tower. For this workout will be perfect Wider Power Tower 200.

The principle of running any variant of the same:
Starting position: your arms are fully extended and the lats are fully stretched. Pull your body up to the bar contacts your upper chest. Concentrate on squeezing the back once you reach the full contracted position. The upper body should be stationary as it moves across space and only the arms should move. The forearms should do no other work other than hold the bar.

Some Tips for Power Tower Fitness 

TIP 1: If forearm weak, you can use a special hook or webbing. Often lack the strength of grip and it’s limited to doing exercise.

After that, start to inhale and slowly lower your body back to the starting position.

TIP 2: If you can’t perform a pull-up or perform the exercise to a small number of times – ask for help to the partner. It needs to help You move up, you yourself fall down.

For efficiency, mix and match exercises in the series. This will give the opportunity to increase the intensity of your workout. Keep a training diary it will allow you to control and organize the process of training. Also, this is an extra motivation. Choose a training program depending on Your Goals. On the growth of muscle mass, endurance, weight loss or something else. Bring back to normal along with my diet and regimen. This will allow You are guaranteed to achieve results

Fitness Power Tower
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