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Power Tower ABS Exercises

Power Tower ABS Workout
One of the purposes of buying a power tower to get a strong and beautiful body training at home. Often the number one task is to get a beautiful abdominal muscle. You can include power tower ABS exercises in your home workouts. They are simple but give guaranteed results. They are also suitable for beginners and experienced athletes.

General information

In this tutorial, we will look at the main ones that you can perform with almost any model of the power tower. It is important to specify what a trained press is not only the result of hard workout. Also important the right nutrition and cardio training.
As always, the workout starts with a warm-up. Need to warm up the muscles, tendons, and raise the level of the pulse to the desired level. Good simple exercises, light jumping, turning of the body. This should take ten or fifteen minutes until perspiration.

The Basic Exercises

There are a number of models of the power tower, which allow you to perform unique exercises with additional design elements. We will examine the capabilities of standard equipment and the power tower abs that can be performed almost anywhere even a budget model power rack.

The Vertical Knee Raise

The Vertical Knee Raise – one of the most effective exercises for rectus abdominal and one of the most popular in the ABS workout. It is common in most training programs for the press. It allows you to efficiently work the muscles. It is also one of the exercises for which buy power tower. In this article we will discuss the technique of performing exercises and similar exercises, so you can add variety to your workout press. This exercise is also called Captains Chair.
Vertical Knee Raise

  1. Take the initial position: using the kickstand, place the body tightly back against padded back panel power tower, grabbing on to the railing. Operates hands on the armrests, your arms bent at a 90-degree angle
  2. The torso should be straight and legs freely hanging. Every time you need to start with this position, not swinging.
  3. Now exhale with the effort raising the legs up in a bent position while the legs will not be parallel to the floor. Hold them in this position for a few seconds. Lift the knees as high as possible.
  4. Slowly lower leg to starting position exhaling. The negative phase of the exercise should be controlled.
  5. Do the exercise slowly right amount of repetition, possibly with delays in the highest point.

When you can easily do too many repetitions of the exercise can be difficult: on foot to hang the weights, do not bend the legs when lifting, keep feet at an angle of 90 degrees to the body on every iteration for a long time.

Hanging Oblique Knee Raise

Exercise similar previous, but the load is somewhat different. This is due to the initial position of the body – muscles are stretched more. The best would be to replace the exercises from time to time not to get used to the same type of load and regularly give the right stress to the muscles.
Hanging Oblique Knee Raise

  1. Starting position: grasp the handles on the bar, torso, and legs straight
  2. Exhaling, begin to lift the legs bending them at the hip and knee, keep feet together. Raised to an angle of 90 degrees or higher. Leg raise with twist to sides
  3. Slowly lower legs to the initial position. Not shaken

With proper execution of exercises to train the abdominal muscles and are utilized oblique muscles of the torso. This is one of the best power tower abs exercises.

Hanging Pike

Another variation exercises with leg raise. But for more advanced athletes. Can be performed in two ways. The General principle of the exercise is the following:
Hanging Pike

  1. Grasp the handles of the horizontal bar and hang lowering my feet down. This will be the starting position.
  2. Lift your legs bending in the hip as high as possible to touch the feet of the bar. Knees can be slightly bent.
  3. Slowly lower leg to starting position not swinging.

One of the variations of this exercise can be leg lifts in a circle alternately through each side. For convenience of performance of exercises to recommend possible Bowflex BodyTower – with extra straps.

3/4 Sit-Up

To comfortably perform this exercise you need a Mat. It is somewhat different from the previously listed exercise, and allows you to train the lower part of the press. Detailed information about the exercise and the video here
3/4 Sit-Up

  1. Lie on a Mat or the floor and lock legs with the power tower. Legs bent at the knee.
  2. While lying on a Mat, place hands behind head, beside her or cross them on your chest. This will be the starting position.
  3. Raise twisting the torso to the knees
  4. The torso is raised to an angle of 90 degrees with the floor, a back movement is only 3/4 full. Do not lie flat – this will keep the muscles in tension
  5. Perform your desired number of repetitions

Another option would exercise in the same starting position, perform sit-ups, touching the palm of the feet while the body cannot keep lying fully on his back with each iteration.

How to make the power tower abs workout effective

It is important to perform each of the exercises slowly with correct technique. Performing a greater number of repetitions swinging and using the momentum you are only cheating yourself, but increase the risk of injury. Perhaps it will not give the desired effect, and will only bring disappointment.
After performing workout or between sets of the press, like any other muscle need to stretch. This can be twists and turns of the case. Combine various exercises in a super series for maximum effect.

Supplement abdominal with power tower abs exercises and don’t miss the other exercises – perfect AB roller, a variety of twisting, plank, and other. This will allow you to obtain a beautiful relief press.
Often AB workout aimed at weight loss. In order to achieve faster the results, perform cardio at the end of training or separately efficiently burning calories and reducing subcutaneous fat. This will bring you to your desired goal.
A Ultimate Guide: Power Tower Workout contains all the necessary information on the basic exercises. We have collected the best material on the technique of execution of exercises, especially training with the power tower. You can view all the content on the website or download the pdf version.

Power Tower ABS Exercises
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