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Power Tower Workout Routine

power tower workout
Subsequent to making the audit of the best power towers, I might want to demonstrate to you what sorts of activities you can perform with this wellness hardware.  It is for the most part reasonable for abdominal area workout, yet in the event that you have a barbell with free weights, you can utilize it for leg preparing also.

So, bring You the Power Tower Workout Routine. It can be used with any model of equipment.

Basic Workout Plan

Consider the most common opportunities for training, and will also compose an exemplary training program which is good for beginners to athletes. Almost any standard towers accompany the accompanying parts: pull up, push up and dip station.

Presently how about we see what sorts of force tower practices you can do in view of these areas. Standard training takes less than an hour time. You can use various forms of exercise and add exercises. But this common set can be a base when training on the power tower. You can start gradually using the new exercise options.

For the following exercises, You can use any standard model of power tower:
  • Weider 200
  • Body Vision pt600
  • Xmark XM 4434
  • Gold’s Gym XR 10.9
  • Stamina 1690/1700


Before exercise warm up the elbows and shoulders. To start the exercise you need to take the starting position. Grasp the parallel bars and lift using the strength or footboard. Keep the body straight, not swing. Next, lower your body to the bottom position by bending elbows to 90 degrees. Slowly without jerks return to the starting position. Perform your desired number of repetitions.

Changing the position and inclination of the body can shift the load. For example, you can give more stress to the chest muscles read more (here).


Primary Muscles Worked: Triceps/Shoulders/Chest 
If there are no forces to perform a few repetitions can help. This can be a partner helping to raise the body up. You can also use a special gum. In this case, you should lower the body slowly as possible. You can also use special exercise equipment. They allow you to repeat the same movement but help the user compensate for the load. Or do the exercises for the relevant muscle groups.

Again: take care of the elbows


This is by and large to do different push-ups which are awesome bodyweight activities to reinforce and manufacture trunk, shoulders, triceps and even your back. The majority of the machines accompanies settled bars, however, there are a couple which let you increment or reduction the level of the bars. It is truly helpful since you can raise or lessen the resistance.

push up

Primary Muscles Worked: Chest/Triceps

You can go deeper which stimulates the chest muscles better. And this is the main reason to perform this exercise from the floor. You can do the push up move harder by setting your weight to do sides, utilizing a weighted vest or putting a seat under your feet to expand the trouble.


Take a hold of force ups bars; hang with your knees together and your body straight. This will be your beginning position. Start the development by flexing the hips and knees, drawing the legs up. Maneuver the knees up to one side, going over 90 degrees at the hip. Stay away from any swinging, playing out the practice with control.

Knee Raises

Primary Muscles Worked: Abdominals

Come back to the beginning position and after that play out the development to the opposite side. Keep substituting until the set in total. This exercise is good to develop core muscles. This is a great AB workout. If the level of fitness allows, you can also perform a circular motion lifting your leg, or hold them at an angle of 90 degrees for a few seconds when the iterations.


This is might be the best part of a tower which gives us a chance to play out a considerable measure of exercises. For the most part, it is utilized for button up and pull up varieties which moves are fabulous for the back, biceps, lower arms, and shoulders. Additionally, these developments are used to enhance the quality of your grasp.
If you’re fat, do a partial run. Only the negative phase of the exercise. So you quickly gain an in good physical shape.


Primary Muscles Worked: Lats

Be that as it may, you can likewise play out a total stomach workout on it. The essential moves you can do are leg and vertical knee raises for lower and upper abs, or you can do windscreen wash to work your obliques. These moves are fairly hard, yet they are ultra effective! This is one of the best basic exercises which should be performed for both novice and experienced athletes.

You can also read our Power Tower Workout Definitive Guide. It contains materials that will help to explore the possibilities of this equipment and technique exercise.

Power Tower Workout for Beginner

Presently how about we see a workout arrange utilizing just this practice gear and just your bodyweight without additional weights. This routine is not a part standard, which implies you will work all body parts at one time. It is an unadulterated full body training.
Power Tower Workout for BeginnerThe quantity of sets and reiterations relies on upon your wellness level. Be that as it may, attempt to do no less than 2-3 sets. A few developments are harder while others are lighter so you should discover the quantity yourself.
Even if it turns out badly once, move to your goal step by step and do not throw training.

WORKOUT ROUTINE (for 2-3 sets)

ExerciseRepeatsRest Time
Push upsleast 12 reps90 seconds
Wide hold pull upsleast 7 reps120 seconds
Dipsmin. 7 reps120 seconds
Reverse grasp pull upmin. 7 reps90 seconds
Body weight squatmin. 12 reps60 seconds
Knee raisesmin. 18-20 reps60 seconds

As you get acquainted with the moves, you should build the reps and sets. You may likewise attempt to do exercises for 20 seconds as opposed to numbering the reps.

As you see, a workout station is an across the board answer for do home workouts. On the off chance that you have no time or cash for an exercise center, however, you need to build up your quality and assemble muscle, it is the best buy you can make.

If exercise is difficult – it is possible to reduce the number of cycles. Also, you can take longer breaks to recover. Do not sit without movement at this point. Perform simple movements, twists body or other light trains. You can combine and complement the data sets of other exercises. You can use any weights – dumbbells, barbell, kettlebell. If this is not possible, there are a sandbag, which you can make yourself.

If the goal of your workouts to lose weight – it is good to perform cardio exercises. Home training is good to buy a jump rope and jump for a while. You can beat a punching bag, to perform a run.

Do not just eat, better to eat something light in a small volume, a banana, an Apple or consume a serving of protein or gainer. And already through an hour to perform a full meal. Practice regularly and you will get the proper result.

Power Tower Workout Routine
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