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Perfect Pushup Workout

So. You have decided to train and one of the exercises that You need push-UPS. Let’s look at how to implement it effectively and novice and professional to achieve desired results.

We will clearly show how to go from rookie to Pro in push-UPS. We will consider how to progress quickly to increase the number of push-UPS and get good results in strength and endurance.
So let’s start – explore our Perfect Pushup Workout.

Perfect Pushup Workout Chart PDF (PIC)

Ultimate Push-UPS Guide

If you can’t do regular pushups – simplify the exercise

At first we shall consider the simplest options for those who can’t do push-UPS enough times. Besides these exercises, you can perform the bar, raise the dumbbells will make You stronger and start-UPS in the standard technique.

Option 1. Pushups from the wall. It is not quite that, but if you don’t have the strength to do push-ups – you can use this option exercise. Do the exercise slowly and You will prepare your muscles for further development.

Option 2. Pushups from knees. It will reduce stress and allow you to do more repetitions. Do several approaches.

Option 3. Exercise from a bench, sofa or chair. It’s easier than doing push UPS, so You will make the exercise more skillfully and correctly.

Initially do the exercise with correct technique

Push ups

Keep your back straight, look straight. Keep the balance and not swing. Slow and controlled lower body and a slightly quicker return to your starting position. It is desirable to descend to a right angle at the elbow or below. You can touch the chest muscle of the floor.

Use different positions of the hands for variety

position in pullup

Changing position of hands we displace the load on different muscle groups. This allows you to use more muscles and make the workout effective

Complicate the exercise – use complex options

push ups with power tower

Option 1. Use the special stops so You will increase range of motion. This will give a greater stretch of the chest muscles. The ideal handle from the power tower or special stops. Deeper pushups well-pumped chest muscles and triceps. Combine these with the usual push-UPS for better results

from the ball

Option 2. Pushups with the ball. In this exercise involved the muscles of the stabilizers that You were not even aware. You need not only to be wrung out but to keep the balance. Actively involved in the work of back muscles, bark, hand. Try at first just to stand up, making the bar.

one arm

Option 3. Push-UPS with dumbbells. In the starting position, the dumbbells are used as a support. Lower the body to touch the floor, then climb an also raises one hand with a dumbbell. You can raise it to the hull, or be raised above the body. To make the exercise even harder you can each rise to take a step dragon.

A variety of load trains more muscle groups – involved the chest muscles, arms, shoulders, back and core muscles.

Pushups on one hand

one arm

You can start with push-ups resting on the bench. Then doing push UPS. In this exercise the feet are placed more widely, one hand rests on the floor, the second is behind. Housing keeps straight.

The exercise is performed slowly and do the maximum reps. If there is no strength to perform the exercise, start with a run from his knees.

Push-UPS with claps

with the rise

This kind of push-UPS requires a good speed exercise. The rise of the case is performed with a large momentum, it gives the opportunity to get off the floor and clap your hands. First, this is just a quick cotton, the cotton behind and so on. These pushups are a good exercise for fighters who need explosive strength and speed.

For overall growth, indicators perform multiple approaches reaching a certain total number of permanently locking progress. Consistency makes progress inevitable. After a couple of weeks, You will notice good results.

Do not be lazy and become better every day.

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Perfect Pushup Workout
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