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Physical Activity And Exercise

Years ago, doctors would rarely recommend exercise for end-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients because they thought they were too unstable to handle the intensity of exercise. However, in the last few years, physical activity and exercise have been shown to help renal patients more than hurt them.

You also need to understand the difference in physical activity and exercise. This is often confused or understand the same. According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), a physical activity it is “any bodily movement that is produced by the contraction of skeletal muscle and that substantially increases energy expenditure.”

General information

Just a walk in the Park, clean the front yard or walking the dog – is physical activity. Exercise, mean “a subclass of physical activity, planned, structured, and repetitive bodily movement has done to improve or maintain one or more components of physical fitness,” it’s can take a 20-40 min. walk or going to the gym.

You are supposed to engage in the sport. Grueling exercise and set world records and run marathons. You just have to move and be active most of the day. It may happen many interesting things to you if you get up and move around most of the day.

Particularly, for renal patients, research has shown that physical activity and/or consistent exercise will have an intense effect on your blood pressure and sugar levels. These conditions are the top reasons people get a renal disease.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • increase energy and resistance
  • strengthens the heart and muscles
  • normalizes the nervous system and mood
  • Increased flexibility
  • helping with weight control
  • improved sleep

Don’t need yourself to say “I’m sick and don’t have to work” or I am no longer young and can’t be so active. No one can be old for activity. You also need to understand that physical activity is important for everyone. If you have the disease it is even more important to maintain physical activity than for a completely healthy person.

Normally, people with kidney, heart or lungs become less active when they learn their diagnosis. And that’s the worst thing you can do. The progression of most diseases can be prevented or reduced.

Of course, do not just break records. First, you need to declare your wish your doctor to consult on how best to proceed and where to start. Physical activity may not be compatible with taking medication, you need to consider it. Although physical activity will almost always be useful it’s better to start with planning what exercises and in what way it will be implemented.

Which may include training plan

Cardiovascular (Endurance) Exercise: It normalizes your heart and lungs and blood circulation. Cardiovascular exercises are performed at defined time intervals with blood pressure monitoring. One of the best exercises for renal patients is a walk in the fresh air. Although it is possible that gymnastics or yoga. It can be training in the gym with a group. In addition, you can exercise at your dialysis unit if there is a program available.

Cardiovascular exercise helps to increase stamina over time and increase energy. But you should always start with a warm-up and finish the session with a hitch. This is important for your heart and Central nervous system.

This means that to begin the lesson, have simple light movements to warm up and stretch. This will also prevent injury. One of the best exercises is walking, but everyone can choose something suitable for yourself. Also useful for Cycling, walking stairs, swimming.

Physical Exercise

Take a gradual approach when starting an endurance exercise program. To start endurance training gradually with 5-10 minutes each day and adding 1-3 minutes to your weekly workout.

Strengthening Exercise: This will help to become stronger. For this approach the static exercise, the resistance of the elastic expander. Here will also be useful to a gradual growth of load.

Flexibility Exercise: It help your joints and ligaments, without the strengthening of which can cause injuries and stretching. Before running them you need a good warm up with light exercises.

Example Walking Program

Week Warm up Times per day Duration Cool down
1 3 min 1 5 min 3 min
2 3 min 1 7 min 3 min
3 3 min 1 9 min 3 min
4 5 min 2 11 min 5 min
5 5 min 2 12 min 5 min
6 5 min 2 13 min 5 min
7 5 min 2 15 min 5 min
8 5 min 1 18 min 5 min
9 5 min 1 20 min 5 min
10 5 min 1 25 min 5 min

How Hard?

You need to work hard but not to exhaustion. A good test is the Talk Test. If you carry out exercise, getting the load, but can talk without shortness of breath. So Your pace is good. If after the 10 minute workout will start shortness of breath, to slow down.

Physical Activity

Learn to hear your body, if you feel that the load is excessive, reduce the intensity, but don’t stop altogether. Better take a breath, do a few light movements.

How Long?

Better to take the time that this burden was not excessive. Normal will workout three times a week for 30-40 minutes. May be effective in one day to do the exercise on the strength, and the next train flexibility. So the body will receive different loads and time to recover strength.

Good motivation and control are to write how was your training. Duration, types, and a number of exercises and health. This allows you to track your progress and will be useful for your doctor.

You need to remember, your health is important regardless of whether you have heart disease or kidney disease or not. You can improve your life. Physical exercise and activity more than many people think. Make physical activity a habit in your life as brushing your teeth. This is the best way to achieve the goal of becoming healthier.

It is important: before starting to physical exercise or change diet consult your physician!

Article adapted from Exercise: A Guide for People on Dialysis by LifeOptions Rehabilitation Advisory Council.

Physical Activity And Exercise
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