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Best Adjustable Kettlebell 2018

Kettlebell is one of the types of free weights for strength training. They are popular among representatives of different sports. But does everyone understand their benefits? The differences from a dumbbell or barbell. But what if different groups of muscles need different weight. Not everyone can afford to buy a large set. It is expensive and not everyone has the storage space.

To solve the problem, you can choose the adjustable weights. They may cost more expensive than usual. But combine a few different options and allow a long time to practice not buying the next desired weight. The best adjustable Kettlebells are also handy for training. Their elements fastened and can be used for home workouts. We compared the main relevant models will give some tips for choosing and buying. Consider how you can use them, what exercises you can perform.

As a bonus, we give advice for beginners about the best Kettlebell DVD with the training program.

Best Adjustable Kettlebell

Comparison by Price&Сharacteristics

Kettlebell Kings
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Black Adjustable Kettlebell Weights 10 – 40 Pounds
  • 7 weight options
  • convenient form the weights and secure locking
  • comfortable grip and high quality material

Brand: Kettlebell Kings
Weights: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 or 40 pounds

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Stamina X Adjustable Kettle Versa-Bell – 36 lbs.
  • 6 adjust the load weight
  • the cast iron handle is a good thickness for a comfortable grip
  • rounded base allows you to conveniently set a weight and to use for pushups

Brand: Stamina
Weights: 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, and 36 pounds

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Rocketlok Adjustable Kettlebell 24-36
  • Thick molded handle for a comfortable grip when training
  • simple and easy weight adjustment the weights with additional fixation
  • Traditional shape and distribution of weight, with no protrusions

Brand: Rocketlok
Weights: 24, 28, 32, 36 pound

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Empower Kettlebell 12 lb
  • convenient form in a protective envelope
  • Ergonomic handle and easy change weight during the workout
  • Swing Yourself Fit Total Body Kettlebell Workout DVD
  • affordable price

Brand: Empower
Weights: 5, 8, 12 pound

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Titan Fitness
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Titan Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell 10 – 40 lb
  • The most convenient and easy change weight
  • Many levels of adjustments
  • Wide convenient grip handle weights
  • High quality materials, the durability of the product

Brand: Titan Fitness
Weights: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 pound

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Mir® – Pro Adjustable Kettlebell – 10lbs to 83lbs
  • Two options handle for comfortable use
  • The possibility of using significant weights for training
  • High-quality durable materials, reliability

Brand: Mir
Weights: Min 10lbs – Max 83 lbs.

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Adjustable Kettlebell Detailed Reviews

Now let us consider the Sit Up Bench Review of each model. We have studied the offers of shops, customer reviews, compare prices and find the video. All this will simplify Your choices and allow you to form an opinion about the possibility of buying.

Black Adjustable Kettlebell Weights 10 – 40 Pounds

Black Adjustable Kettlebell

7 kettlebells in one. Convenient adjustments make it easy to change the weight during exercise. Standard dumbbell-shaped with a large comfortable handle for a total-body workout.

Adding weight you can perform exercises with a gradual increase in load. Either it will give all the opportunities to train different muscle groups.
Fixing set weight in the upper part allows to set the desired weight is easy.

With this model the weights, You will be able to perform a home exercise.
The quality of the product is not in doubt. You will be using this equipment for a long time in hard workouts.

  • 7 weight options in a single kettlebell it is convenient and practical. Comfortable shifting and fixation of the selected weight
  • CRAFTMANSHIP – smooth handle, handle constructed from high quality metal bending with no bumps or lumps for maximal comfort during workouts.
  • standard dumbbell-shaped, comfortable for training
  • One user expressed the wish to have more weight

Stamina X Adjustable Kettle Versa-Bell

Stamina X Adjustable Kettle

Adjustable kettlebell from Stamina – the perfect solution for home workouts. Standard handle size, shape, and center of gravity. All this allows to fully replace the set of weights.

Weight change is performed by moving the latch on the side of the Kettlebells. For reliability, the pin is closed. This allows you to quickly, easily and securely change the weight, efficiently performing the commit. Five seconds and You can continue the exercise with the new weight. In addition, a weight can be used as a prop when performing push-ups.

The quality of the manufacturer is not in doubt. But in any case, when you purchase is given a great warranty. This is one of the Best Adjustable Kettlebell whatever the purpose of your workouts.

  • Convenient form, high-quality handle for secure grip.
  • convenient and rapid change in weight, reliable and simple lock
  • wide range of possible weights for training
  • high quality and good warranty terms
  • In one of the reviews stated that it is difficult for beginners

Rocketlok Adjustable Kettlebell

Rocketlok Adjustable Kettlebell
  • Strong cast steel body and handle with weighted inside barrels processed from sold steel.
  • The simple addition of weight, quality of fixation
  • Good working weight
  • Doesn’t rattle during exercise
  • You need to gently use a plastic lock to prevent damage during exercise

Empower Kettlebell

Empower Kettlebell

This is a great model for girls. It has several weight options, but its weight is small. Weight changes fast and easy. To do this crank the handle of the kettlebell and to leave the desired number of elements. This is especially crucial for the manicure.

Training opportunities varied. In any case, comfortable handle will make you feel comfortable.

A useful addition for beginners will be a special DVD with a training program for the entire body. You will be able to increase the effectiveness of training using it.
Guys can use it too. But in some exercises, the weights is not enough.

  • Great design, comfortable shape and grip
  • A simple change of weight, the addition and reduction of the turn
  • Picking a disc with the program of training for the whole body
  • This product is very popular and recommended by Amazon
  • small kettlebell weight

Titan Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell

Titan Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell

Excellent equipment from Titan Fitness. The kettlebells are high quality, durable and reliable.

Simple fixation of the selected weight. The possibility of using 6 Adjustable Weight Levels. Wide handle for a comfortable grip.

The form of the kettlebells is traditional. It allows you to perform all the necessary exercises. This is a full replacement of several weights. It is convenient to use and easy to store. The max weight will allow you to use it for a long time with the growth results.

Good price with great quality.

  • 6 Adjustable Weight Levels
  • convenient handles and the kettlebell
  • Mechanism easily adjusts weights – fast and reliable fixation
  • In one case, experiencing difficulties during delivery
  • Not everyone liked the color for a user was more preferred darker

Mir® – Pro Adjustable Kettlebell

Mir Pro Adjustable Kettlebell

The MiR Pro Adjustable Kettlebell is the first of its kind. Never observed or sold available before at max weights of 83lbs!

The MiR Pro Adjustable Kettle will allow you to perform exercises for all muscle groups. Two option handles make it easier. Weight change is convenient and reliable.

The weight being customizable. You will have the capacity to do a different exercise, for example, one gave twists to full body squats with it. This is the ideal preparing instrument for Crossfitters, Athletes. It will be indispensable for experienced athletes.

  • Wide handle for comfortable 1 or 2 handed
  • Secure locking at any weight
  • A large range of working weight
  • Quality parts, durable comfortable handle
  • weight designed for experienced users, novices will not use the full potential of the equipment
As a bonus offer You to get acquainted with training with kettlebells. It can be a standalone workout. There are a large number of possible exercises. You can use compressed manual, download it from the link. You can use them in home workouts.

Another way for planning you workout routing – starting training with DVD. The fitness instructor shows how to perform each exercise. Talks about the nuances of technique.

Best Kettlebell Workout DVD for beginners

We selected TOP 4 best-in the opinion of the customers of Amazon and other stores. This best kettlebell DVD received the most positive feedback after use in training users.

Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels:
Shred-It With Weights

Iron Core Kettlebell

Iron Core Kettlebell



Kettlebell 3 in 1

Absolute Beginners: Kettlebell 3 in 1 With Amy Bento

Using data from DVD, You can perform the exercises with correct technique. This will reduce the likelihood of injuries. If you don’t train with an instructor, we recommend you to use DVD. Good luck with training, strength and effective workouts.
Best Adjustable Kettlebell 2018
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