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Hyperextension Bench & Roman Chair

This review focuses on Best Roman Chair (Hyperextension Bench) – and how to use them for a strong and healthy lower back. But first, a little story…
When I first started doing sports I did it on my own without an instructor and made a lot of mistakes.
I wanted to quickly gain weight and become stronger. That is why I have started to do the basic exercises – squats with a barbell and deadlift. With my tall stature, it was devastating for my lower back. I injured my back. Thankfully it was only a sprain.
Now I pay considerable attention to warm-up and training of the lumbar muscles and the press. They form a protective corset for the whole body. A strong loin allows you to perform exercises with weights with the correct technique. And the right technique is the key to progress. In this review, I want to tell you about the equipment that I use in my training of the lower back. How to choose the best option for yourself.


  • want to eliminate the pain of the muscles in the lower back
  • work is connected with physical labor
  • you are active in sports and part use a lot of weight
  • do wrestling or Boxing and you need a strong lower back
  • sit a lot every day and lower back muscles are weak


Below we present our ranking of the best Hyperextension Bench models from comparison & detailed reviews. After that, you will find a lot of detailed information, video reviews, advantages and disadvantages for each roman chair machine.

Fitness Reality Fitness Reality X-Class Multi-Workout Bench
  • ABS Multi-Workout Bench
  • 650 lbs of weight capacity
  • High quality frame and bench cover
  • User height range of 5′ to 6’4 inch
  • The best ergonomics of the equipment

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Marcy Roman Chair Marcy Roman Chair
  • Premium Quality Constructions
  • Simple and durable frame
  • Great price
  • Ergonomic vinyl upholstery keeps body firm during training.

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Stamina Pro Ab Stamina Pro Ab/Hyper Bench
  • Possibility of convenient adjustment
  • Non-slip footrests and comfortable fixation of the ankles
  • The Multifunctionality and ergonomics
  • Compact when folded for storage

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Xmark Roman Chair XM-4429 Xmark Roman Chair XM-4429
  • Frame made of heavy-duty 3′ steel
  • Roller height adjustment in 10 positions
  • Average density of vinyl coating and water-repellent material
  • Has transport rollers and is recommended for home use

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Stamina Hyper Bench Stamina Hyper Bench
  • Affordable price-below $ 100
  • Adjustable design that folds flat for storage
  • Non-slip Rubber Frame Caps

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BodyCraft F670 BodyCraft F670
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Pad position adjustment
  • Durable stable frame, high-quality construction

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CAP Strength Roman Chair CAP Strength Roman Chair
  • High strength, Maximum capacity 300 lbs
  • Good opportunities to adjust to your height
  • Quite affordable the cost
  • Possibility of fixing the equipment to the floor

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Inspire Fitness Hyper Extension Inspire Fitness Hyper Extension
  • 5-position adjustment with a 45 to 90 degree tilt angle
  • excellent warranty conditions
  • ergonomic design, comfortable pad

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XMark XM-7631 XMark XM-7631
  • Multifunctionality
  • High quality and adjustable
  • 1500 lb. weight capacity
  • Convenience in carrying out any of the possible exercises

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Why do we open our best hyperextension bench rating with this model? It combines several features. This Multi-Workout equipment for integrated training of abdominal muscles and some additional exercises.

Here are some of them:

  • Knee Raises
  • Back Extensions
  • Sit-ups/crunches
  • Push up with Resistant Handle Bars
  • Single Dumbbell Rows
Fitness Reality workout
This bench is very high quality. She has a solid frame of thick steel. Weight capacity is about 650 lbs. Moisture and sweat resistant coating with high-quality double seam. Good warranty from the manufacturer. All this speaks about the unconditional quality of the equipment.
You can adjust the bench to your height and use several adjustment options. This allows you to increase the load and conduct training more efficiently. Transport wheels and folding capability make it easy to move and store equipment after a workout.
Product Dimensions: 64 x 35 x 28.8 inches ; 55.6 pounds
Weight capacity: 650 lbs
  • High weight capacity – tested and confirmed
  • The average density of 2.5″ thick foam will suit most users
  • Adjustability 4 Level Bench Adjustments & 14 thigh support cushion height adjustments
  • Multifunctionality – it is possible to perform several exercises
  • Ergonomics and ease of storage
  • A large part of the negative feedback related to the picking and delivery


It is difficult to imagine something so high quality for such a small price. Most Marcy roman chair exercise equipment stores will cost less than $ 100. At the same time, it is not inferior in quality to most models. The design is as simple and reliable as possible. The height of the ankle pad placement can be changed according to your needs. The adjustment is done simply with a secure lock. Maximum weight capacity up to 300 lbs. Stability is ensured by the width of the legs.
Comfortable Pad will suit most users. It is quite wide but not very soft. Handles are conveniently located and provided with a non-slip coating. Good stability will allow you to perform various exercises for the muscles of the press, bark, lower back, buttocks.
Product Dimensions: 43.5 x 27.5 x 37.5 inches ; 42 pounds
Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • Durable and stable construction
  • Price below a hundred dollars
  • Comfortable Pad and Assist Handles
  • Reliable manufacturer
  • For some users, Pad coverage is not soft enough
  • Does not fold for storage


Multifunctional equipment for training the muscles of the press. It is possible to train the upper, lower and oblique muscles of the press, lower back muscles and perform additional exercises. To set up the equipment, the locks are used, which are easily and quickly rearranged by changing the angle of inclination of the bench.
Ankle fixation is convenient and reliable. Soft videos are not pushing feet and non-slip stand eliminates slipping. For acceptance of the initial position, handles can be involved. The covering is covered with high – quality material, seams are reliable and hidden-will not press during exercise.
Nozzles on the legs protect the floor from scratches and damage. After training, you can fold the equipment and store it conveniently.
Product Dimensions: 43.5 x 27.5 x 37.5 inches ; 42 pounds
Weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design
  • Multifunctionality
  • The compact size and the ability to put the equipment for storage
  • Convenient and reliable mounting of steps
  • Not suitable for high users
  • Low weight limit


Ab Back Hyperextension Roman Chair XMark XM-4429 is recommended for home use. With small dimensions, the equipment is very durable. Its frame is made of steel square tube of great thickness. On the legs are used special pads that protect the surface of the shelf from scratches. Transport wheels make it easy to move the bench chair after a workout.
Studying the opinions of users, we found some questions about the Assembly of roman chair XM-4429. To make it easier for you, we recommend that you check the instructions on the manufacturer’s website – www.xmarkfitness.com.
To perform the exercises, you can adjust the height of the rollers to fix the legs. The model has a high stability.
Product Dimensions: 46 x 25 x 9 inches ; 66 pounds
  • Good durability and quality
  • 10 positions adjust height of rollers for fixing the legs.
  • High ergonomics
  • Comfortable arm pads, and medium soft
  • No adjust the distance between the roller for the legs and pads


The compact and convenient Stamina X Hyper Bench is ideal for home use. Simple and ergonomically perfect for training the waist, push-UPS and back dips. The offset of the top can be adjusted to your height.Interesting design will fit well in any apartment. The design is easy to fold and taking up minimum space conveniently stored in any corner.
Some of the users had left reviews about lack of durability of this model. We have had further advice from the instructor of the fitness center from California. He confirmed the use of such a model by the user weighing about 190 lbs. At the same time, there were no difficulties with stability.
Product Dimensions: 24.5 x 16 x 5.5 inches ; 27.8 pounds
Weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • Affordable price with good quality
  • Possibility of convenient adjustment under growth of the user
  • Easy storage when folded
  • Roaming soft rollers for fixing the legs
  • There were negative reviews on the strength of the equipment, although the overall rating is very positive


BodyCraft F670
Durable and reliable model of equipment from the company Bodykraft. Durable powder coated pipe construction, which protects against scratches and damage. The chair adjusts from a flat position to a 45 degree position. It is possible to perform the following basic exercises: HYPEREXTENSION, BACK RAISE, SIDE BENDS.

Product Dimensions: 51 x 24 x 37 inches ; 64 pounds
  • High durability and quality of equipment
  • Ability to configure the equipment
  • Adjusts from a flat position to 45 degrees
  • Relatively high cost


CAP Roman Chair
Excellent equipment from the brand CAP Barbell. The high strength of the frame provides the possibility of user training up to 300 lbs. For additional stability, you can fix the legs to the floor using the provided holes. With a sufficiently high quality, the cost of this model Roman Chair does not exceed one hundred dollars at the moment.
You get a good adjustment for your height. You will be comfortable to do the exercises for the core muscles and lower back. The legs are fixed with comfortable rollers located on both sides of the foot. Also, a special strap is provided for the footrest.

Product Dimensions: 56 x 29 x 43 inches ; 39 pounds
Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • Durability and reliability
  • Possibility of fixing bolts to the floor
  • Ergonomics and ease of exercise
  • There are no protective pads on the metal legs and you can damage the floor
  • Without fastening to the floor low stability


Inspire Hyper Extension
The main feature of this model is the ability to select one of the five positions with an angle of inclination from 45 to 90 degrees

Changing the tilt angle is simple and fast. This will allow you to change the difficulty level of the exercise. Changing the settings also allows you to perform exercises for different muscle groups.
Chair legs can be fixed in the field. Special openings are provided for this purpose. This will allow you to achieve maximum stability and security.Each design element is made of durable and high-quality material. The manufacturer gives a long warranty. Handles are conveniently located. Soft rollers for fixing the body will not crush the feet during training.
If you plan to use this equipment at home, we recommend installing it on a Mat or mats, so as not to damage the floor covering. Special pads are not provided. To move a Roman Chair at one of the parties provided by the transport wheels.
To change the angle of inclination of the frame, it is necessary to use a special pin that fixes the position. Make sure you have a secure hold, and you can do the following exercise. You will be able to train the muscles of the bark, press, lower back. This model will suit both beginners and more trained athletes.
Dimensions: Length 53.74″ x Width 31.03″ x Min Height 38.73″ Max Height 39.86″
  • 5 tilt angle adjustment positions are available
  • There is a setup of the equipment under height of the user
  • Convenient rollers for the foot and pad of medium hardness
  • Can be fixed to the floor
  • Good warranty conditions
  • High durability and quality
  • No protective coating on the legs


Heavy-duty multifunctional bench XMark XM-7631 will suit almost everyone. It allows you to train different muscle groups – abs, core muscles, lower back. It can also be exercise with dumbbells or a barbell.
1500 lb. weight capacity allows you to train heavy users with additional weights. While there are difficulties with the stability of the bench. She is relatively heavier than other models. This is due to the heavy-duty thick pipe, which was used in the manufacture of the frame.
To do exercises is really comfortable. Ultra thick 3″ Duracraft cushions offer firm support and double stitched, tear-resistant Duraguard vinyl.
Assembled dimensions:65.5” x 22.5” x 32.25”
Weight capacity: 1500 lbs
  • All-in-one ab, hyperextension and preacher adjustable bench
  • Professional quality level for every detail
  • Heavy duty strength and 1500 lb. weight capacity
  • Tear and sweat resistant Duraguard vinyl
  • Quite a lot of weight
  • One of the users of hyperextension pad seemed unstable, although we did not think so

Roman Chair Benefits

  • You strengthen the muscular corset (muscles of the press, lower back). This makes it possible to perform most other exercises with the correct technique.
  • The work included additional muscles – buttocks, a waist, muscles stabilizers.
  • Hyperextension helps to strengthen the spine to eliminate the risk of injury, to form the correct posture.
  • Exercises tone the body and improve blood circulation
  • The best Roman chayks are multifunctional and allow you to perform additional exercises for ABS and other muscle groups

What Muscles Work With Hyperextension?

The main exercise on the Roman chair is the hyperextension. From the angle of inclination of the equipment, the stress of the load will depend. In most cases, the following muscle groups will be involved.

Roman Chair Workout Routine (Sample)

The frequency and intensity of your workouts may vary depending on your training goals. In addition, the choice of exercise affects the features of your roman chair or the availability of additional equipment.
But in General terms, the set of exercises can be as follows:

Workout for the whole body and lower back about 10 minutes before sweat appears
Roman Chair Trunk Extensions 2-3 Х 10-20
Roman Chair Sit UPS 3 Х 15-20
Twisting Roman Chair Hyperextension 2-3 Х 10-20
Isometric Glute Hold 3 Х 1-2 min
Other additional exercises Leg Raises, plank
The frequency of training may be different. Usually just 2-3 workouts a week. Do not overload the lower back. Use the warm up with every workout. After training it is useful to stretch the muscles.


Definitely, call the leader of a difficult, we would, first of all, drew attention to the Fitness Reality or Bodykraft. But wishes and physical parameters can determine a different choice.If you have any questions that we did not address in this review – write a comment, we always help wounds.

Hyperextension Bench & Roman Chair
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