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Weider 390 LT Power Tower

The Weider 390 LT Power Tower is the good gym equipment for your home fitness. This will allow you to perform pull-ups, push-ups and knee raise. Besides, it comes with a big punching bag and you can demand shock technique.
 Weider 390 LT Power Tower

Weider 390 Dimensions:

Length: 42 in.
Width: 48 in.
Height: 82 in.
Item Weight: 257 lbs
Color/Finish: Storm gray
Weight Limit 300 lbs
It’s excellent for your home fitness. However, it’ll allow you to perform pull-ups, pull-ups, and dips, three emergency great basic exercises that every bodybuilder use to put on muscle mass.

If You plan to assemble this equipment You will be helpful to download the manual:

Read all cautions and instructions in this manual before using this equipment. Keep this manual for future. It will simplify the operation and will tell you how to use all of this equipment.

The only thing that really separates this model from other similar power towers units is the fact that it comes with a punching bag. It’s mainly a home gym system for beginner fighters. The punching bag is also good for just burning calories. You can alternate strength training and hit the punching bag.

It is worth noting that pear of good quality. It is made of artificial leather, but are quite durable for a long time and remains in good condition. Not break and efficiently performs its functions. For optimum training with the pear need special gloves, and can additionally be bandaged hands to eliminate injuries and sprains hands.

Weider 390 Power Tower Description:

Weider 390 LT Power Tower parts

Weider 390 LT MMA Power Tower Workouts:

Dip station helps build hard abs, triceps, chest and shoulders. Great basic exercise. About the proper technique of this exercise can be read here. It is convenient to perform this exercise using non-slip handle.

Vertical Knee Raise station with cushioned armrests isolates your core to develop lean, sculpted abs. The best exercise for core muscles. For reliable fixation of a soft back.

Weider 390

The push-up station works your shoulders, biceps and core muscles, and builds chest great muscles. Use the convenient handles to perform the exercise and do it properly.

Heavy bag (100 lb) is durable and built to withstand fighters workouts. Weider MMA 100 lb heavy bag provides the best combination of cardio and strength training. Ideal for Boxing training at home

Weider 390 Power Tower

Multi-grip pull-up station targets your back, biceps. Perfect pumping muscles of the back on width and thickness. You can use different grip in order to train all muscle groups.

Features of the Weider 390 LT

the power tower configurationIt will help you to a total muscle building workout. One additional advantage is the ability to customize hardware options of height for each user individually. On the frame, there is a special hole which allows to move and lock the height of the handles for performing dips. This allows you to conveniently use without restrictions on growth.

Each detail of this equipment is thought out and comfortable. Feet will not scratch floors, they are protected. Handles are comfortable and not slippery. Mounting reliable – all dimensions are accurate. All practical and functional.

This power tower is strong and stable. Include such advantages and the disadvantages of this device:

  • Stable and sustainable
  • Heavy bag
  • strong Foundation
  • lot of weight
  • Heavy bag takes additional space

Jim Gilton – Boxing Trainer: “Weider 390 LT MMA Power Tower ideal for novice fighters. You can train the muscles for strength and endurance. You can also train your punches and kicks. This equipment will help to maintain good physical shape. For hand protection, we recommend using Boxing gloves.”

Weider 390 LT Power Tower Review (Video):

But do not think that the provider is 390 power tower exclusively for guys. It is successfully used by women. Performing standard exercises and also Boxing on the punching bag. It is a good combination of exercise allows you to lose weight.

Weider 390 LT workout

Оwner Reviews

Most of the buyers have left a positive comment. Their feedback was different, someone was expecting to get a professional bag, or something else. But as a whole, the majority of buyers were pleased with the purchase.

Robert Perkins: My son is really enjoying this extremely sturdy home gym equipment! All in one, I’m very glad for this purchase.

Leon Comstock: Excellent value for the price! The tower is good enough and more and bag included. He’s of average quality, but still satisfied.

Joe Lora: This tower is very sturdy. It takes up a bit more space than anticipated but provides excellent stability. Chose between this and the Wider 200

This model is rarely found in stores because it’s already replaced with new and more functional power tower. But it is still relevant and can be useful to most beginners due to its versatility and reliability. It is well established as durable and strong equipment.

This equipment was purchased well gyms where you need to combine strength training with martial arts or Boxing. If you will have the opportunity to acquire it is recommended to do it.

Weider 390 LT Power Tower
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