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Body Power Multi-Functional Review

The Body Power Multi-Functional Power Tower multifunction fitness equipment for home workouts with own body weight. Includes power tower and additional straps for training. Handles are height adjustable, which gives the opportunity to perform additional exercises.

  • Brand: Body Power
  • Length: 48 in.
  • Width: 48,5 in.
  • Height: 83,6 in
  • Weight: 85.5 lbs
  • Weight limit: 250 lbs

Color may vary – currently in stock we’ve found the white model and the equipment in black color.

The main advantages and differences of this model:

  • Multi-functional training engages multiple muscle groups including: quads/glutes, biceps/triceps, lats/pecs, delts, and ABS for a total body workout
  • Sturdy steel construction with sliding Adjustable back roller
  • Includes handgrips, Sling straps, and cushioned back roller
  • Versatile machine supports 19+ gym-style exercises such as: pull-ups, chin-ups, knee/leg Raises, dips, ab curls, sit-ups and more in the comfort of home

Part of the capabilities provided by design features:

Body Power Multi-Functional Power Tower

  1. Handle move the height and allow you to perform various exercises
  2. Special durable straps allow you to carry out exercises on the principle of TRX loops
  3. Upper arms will allow you to catch a variety of grip, and attached to them the top tether for additional exercises
  4. In the lower part there is a possibility to fix the legs to perform the workout of the abdominal muscles. Legs are made so that the design power tower has a higher resistance.

Body Power Workout

This model is much more functional such alternatives. It is possible to train your arms and back by performing pull-UPS various grip. For chest muscles possible push-UPS and exercises with the straps. To accommodate variations triceps dips. Also there are a number of variants of training of abdominal muscles. Using a footrest can perform exercises for training the legs.

More opportunities of training is demonstrated in the following infographic:

Body Power Workout

Body Power Multi-Functional Power Tower is a budget model but its functionality makes up for it. We can recommend it, provided the small weight of the athlete.

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