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Fast Workout With Power Tower

Workout With Power Tower
We present You a sample program home workout with the power tower from a set of basic exercises for all body weight. This can be a 30-minute workout for the whole body. Such loads 3-4 times a week is enough to maintain good physical shape, lose weight and increase endurance.

So prepare sports clothing comfortable for exercise, water bottle (well if it is the isotonic drink or BCAA’s), the power tower for a good mood, turn on appropriate music. Let’s start.

30 Minute Workout With Power Tower

A complete description of the training programs and General advice to help improve efficiency and effectiveness. Recommended reading.

Your 30 Minute Workout With Power Tower

1. Warming Up (5 -7 min)

You can do Jumping Jac or Jumping Rope. Your goal is to warm up muscles and ligaments to prepare the body and nervous system to the load. Start with the minimum pace, and gradually increase the intensity. Will also fit small, random workout, Jogging. You should increase your heart rate, you may receive a light sweat. But You should not get tired)

2. Pull UPS (10 – 15 reps)

To start training better with the larger muscle groups. It may be back. In the first circle perform maximum reps. Try to perform the exercise with good technique, no swinging. If You can easily do the exercise more than 15 repetitions take the extra weighting. It is important to do the exercise with good technique.

You train: the back muscles

3. Push UPS (15 – 20 reps)

Perform the following exercise for chest muscles and shoulders. Alternately exercising muscle antagonists. Do the exercise slowly with a dwell at the bottom in 2-3 seconds. If at the end there is no strength to perform a repetition, make them incomplete or knees.

You train: your chest muscles, shoulders

4. DIP (15 – 20 reps)

Efficiently warm up the elbows. Grasp the dip handles with your arms straight. Tighten your abdominal muscles. Slowly lower your body by bending your elbows past 90. return the starting positions. If possible do a small pause at the bottom point, do not use inertia. Do not swing your legs.

You train: triceps, deltoid, trapezius.

5. Close Grip PULL UP

Hold the pull up bar with an underhand grip. Tighten your abdominal muscles and pull yourself up until your chin is above the bar. Squeeze your shoulders blades together at the top of the swing your legs.

You train: biceps

6. Quads/Glutes

Stand to face away from the tower. Extend leg backward and place the top of foot on the pad. Squat down until knee of teat leg is almost in contact with a floor. Return to the original standing position. Continue with opposite let. In this exercise relax the muscles of the upper part of the body.

You train: your legs

7. Vertical Knee Raise

Hanging leg raises are more challenging than knee raises. Fortunately, the results they deliver reflect the effort required making them totally worth it. Leg raises work all major muscles in the abdomen including those that support healthy spine alignment.

You train: your ABS muscles

General tips

  • Repeat this group of exercises in a circle 3-4 times with minimal rest breaks.
  • You should not try to do it faster or with more reps. Focus on desired muscle groups.
  • After exercise stretch the muscles. Periods of rest do not do very long focus on the heart rate and breathing.
  • Do workouts regularly supplementing and diversifying them. Spread the workouts evenly, alternating with days of rest

If you decide to train with power tower You might want to download and check our Power Tower Workout. It contains useful materials for each of the main exercises. You will be able to see the equipment run. Using these recommendations You will make your workout much more effective

Fast Workout With Power Tower
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