Bowflex BodyTower

The Bowflex BodyTower (Power Tower) has a unique and easy-to-use feature EZ-Adjust horizontal bars that lets you increase the variety of your exercises, raise the intensity  your workouts, and improve the results of your fitness program. This model was released about five years ago, but is still popular among similar equipment.
It allows you to perform a minimum of twice as many exercises as most other tower strengths. It is worth while not much more expensive. Well, let’s have a closer look. Buying products of this brand you get a guarantee of quality and reliability.
The manufacturer has more than 30 members of the body working on the fitness equipment market and has received well-deserved recognition and good reputation.
Bowflex BodyTowe

Main characteristics

This precise model. It combines comfortable proportions, high quality frame and comfortable grips.

  • Brand: Bowflex
  • Length: 53.0 inches.
  • Width: 50.0 inches.
  • Height: 77.0 inches.
  • Weight Limit: 300 lbs
  • Product Color: Gray
  • Shipping Weight: 114 lbs

Bowflex Power Tower Advantages

The main advantage of this model in combination of functionality, strength and good price. You can get a decent alternative to training in the gym. Your home training will allow you to get a strong slender body performing exercises with your own weight on all muscle groups. Dimensions and construction of this power tower allow you to place it in any free corner of the room. Appearance is quite attractive, the presence of such a simulator will not spoil the exterior of your home.
At the same time the equipment is durable and reliable.

A strong frame confidently withstands the voiced weight limit and remains stable when performing exercises. A feature of the design is the ability to change the height of the handles, which allows you to perform various additional exercises for different muscle groups. And also in the presence of special belts, which are also used for additional exercises. Ez-adjust arms (unique and easy-to-use) provide greater range options and additional opportunities for training.

Main Parts Description

Bowflex BodyTowe Description

On the back there is a placard that demonstrates possible exercises with this body tower.

Bowflex BodyTower manuals

Build and use the power of the tower are fairly simple. Of course, it’s easier to perform the installation in a pair with a friend, but you can do it yourself. No special tools or skills are required. The instruction will be useful. Download the link and the process will be even easier. Before using this equipment, we recommend You to check the user manual. This will give the opportunity to use all the features. You can download it here:

Best Price of Bowflex BodyTower

Compare prices performed by main stores where this product enough. Data current as of 17.11.2017

Amazon $ Check Price FREE Shipping
Walmart $ 279.99 FREE Shipping $ 279.99 FREE Shipping
eBay $ 291,99 FREE Shipping

Bowflex Power Tower Exercises

The available features of this equipment allow you to train more diverse. This standard exercise is also available. You can perform pull-UPS, Vertical Knee Raises, standard dips. There are a total of 20 exercises, including push-ups, sit-ups, squats, planks, chin-ups, knee and leg raises, dips, and more. A large number of exercises possible due to the installed pens at different heights – this allows you to use the power of the tower more effectively. Let’s consider in detail.
bowflex workout

1. ABS training

You can perform various exercises for the muscles of the press. This can be both dynamic and static exercises. For example, keeping the legs at right angles to the body. Vertical Knee Raise or Crunch (Lowering the handles to the bottom and resting their feet on them)

2. Triceps DIP’s

Use Height Adjustment Holes and get not only a standard exercise for the triceps. The functionality of this model allows variety your exercises. More variations of exercises and the more intense the workout. Handgrips give the opportunity to use new exercises. Part will be similar to exercises with TRX.

3. Squat

Do not skip leg training, in addition to jogging and rope, it is possible to effectively train the legs with BodyTower. Set the optimal height, put the back foot on a comfortable soft crossbar and perform the exercise.

4. Chin Ups

Perform a basic exercise for the muscles of the chest. You can perform the exercise with a different grip – wide or narrow, straight or reverse. This will allow you to vary the load. Do not interfere with the handles, they can be removed or completely lowered.

5. Push Ups

Do the exercise with the wound of the height of the bar, leaning on it with your legs – so you will mix the load on the top or bottom of the pectoral muscles. Tazhke can be lowered grips low and perform the exercise soaking on the handles. They are not sliding and it can be more convenient

6. Supine Row

Use the average height the handles and special straps for traction. Tighten at the expense of the muscles of the back fully cutting the shoulder blades at the top point.
In detail, all these exercises with images are shown in the inspection, the reference to which is given above. You can combine different exercises or their variants. This will give an opportunity to get regular variety and intensity workout.

Features of the BodyTower

Comfortable Handgrips and straps provide a number of additional features. A large variety of exercises, easy height adjustment using Height Adjustment Holes. It makes workout comfortable and effective.

Main advantages

  • Height Adjustment Holes
  • Comfortable Handgrips
  • A variety of exercises
  • Unique ez-adjust arms

Main disadvantages

  • High users rest their head on a horizontal bar

Nik Jonson – fitness instructor: “Excellent model for those who likes variety. All the basic features done efficiently. To them added additional features – exercises with straps. This is an additional burden on a greater number of muscles. This is one of the best offers in the market

Bowflex BodyTower 2017 video review

Customer reviews

Bowflex BodyTower popular model of equipment for home workouts. Most often, buyers are attracted to the compact size, the additional exercise options. Also frequently mentioned the possibility of adjusting the height using Height Adjustment Holes.

BiG Brian: Easy to use straps is to diversify my practice and to further engage the muscles stabilizers. I am pleased with this purchase. Bodyflex Body Tower – the best! Like extended functionality
Frank Long chose and then just bought it. This is a great purchase for home practice. Thanks for the detailed instructions – Assembly took less than an hour. While I use only three months. So far, very happy
Roger M.: Bodytower the perfect. I don’t often go to the gym now. My home workout is quite effective. My weight is 220 lbs and I have no problems with stability my BodyTower. It’s a good assisted to my bodyweight workout

Photos of buyers who bought a Bodyflex for home workouts:

Bowflex Power Tower live photo

The Verdict

This model is not in vain popular. We can also recommend it for home training. A variety of possible exercises will make your workouts more effective and complete. At the moment, the best price on Bowflex BodyTower we found on Amazon and Walmart. In both cases, it’s a little over two hundred dollars with free shipping.
Any similar in functionality analog will cost much more expensive. The only restriction to the acquisition may be weight. If you are heavier than the specified 300 lbs then it is worth choosing something else. In another case, this is a very good choice for your home gym.

Bowflex BodyTower
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