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What is a Power Tower?

Often there are simple questions from beginners who want to start home workouts and improve your fitness. They don’t understand how you can use the power tower for this and what benefits they will receive. There are plenty of options how to start a healthy lifestyle and exercising. We consider one of them and not saying that this is the best option for everyone. The power tower is a good solution for those who can’t visit the gym and work with a coach. Basic bodyweight exercises are less traumatic and more effective. And multifunction trainer power tower allows you to perform several of them.

So, what is a Power Tower:

The power tower is a fitness equipment for body weight combining the horizontal bar, parallel bars, and additional handles for push-UPS. The basic features can be extended with additional elements in the design and sometimes can afford to hang a punching bag, to contain a bench for bench press exercises or press. This versatility, compact size and the ability to use a power tower in home or apartment makes it a good solution for a home workout. Opportunities will be useful both for beginners and for staying in good shape long training. The strength of the tower can often be found in gyms. Where there is a lot of space to efficiently use such equipment while retaining the ability to move the equipment.

How to use Power Tower?

The horizontal bar can be positioned on the sidebars or on the reverse side. It allows you to perform pull-UPS various grip may contain non-slip handles for a more comfortable exercise.
The boards are used to perform dips. In addition, there are special armrests, they allow you to stay resting in the back perform knee raise. This is a cool exercise for the abdominal muscles.
A large part of the power tower contains an additional handle for easy push-UPS. To train on it can both men and women.

This is a very quick info I am using a power tower, but it’s really basic for most models. There were not considered advanced, expensive models. Learn more about the ways training can be read in our The Definitive Guide or simple Power Tower Workout Routine with the basic exercises. This collection of tips – the best articles from various reputable sources with detailed information and videos.

How tall is the power tower?

There are two types of power tower of some height is fixed, others can be adjusted to suit the athlete and to adjust the height. The average height of the equipment a little more than two meters. When choosing models in our catalog all reviews specified this parameter. For most models with a fixed height, it is not more than 2.2 meters.
If You want to adjust the height – you can pay attention to Ancheer Adjustable Power Tower – its height adjusted according to height and can be from 180 cm (70.2 in) to 230 cm (89.7 in).

Is it difficult to assemble the power tower?

No, if you ever tighten the screws and you can deal with the Assembly instructions – you will spend no more than two hours to install. Would be great if there is a fellow who can help. With almost all of the power tower are clear detailed instructions. On this website, you can find examples in the form of pdf files. If there is no desire to Tinker and twist equipment – You can order the Assembly for the purchase. Most stores provide this service. Most importantly, I would like to pay attention to is the weight limit. In some cases, you should use mats in order to increase the stability of equipment or fixed legs power tower to the floor.

What muscles you I train with Power Tower?

Basically, it is the muscles of the upper body – back, Delta, biceps, triceps, pectorals, core muscles. But when performing workouts also includes the muscles stabilizers. Some models have additional options, allowing you to train legs, or do additional exercises for training the upper body. For this purpose, the possibility to move the handles, additional rails and able to perform the exercise with a different grip.

What would be the power tower workout results?

With regular training, you can improve your results in a few months. The main results which can be achieved is increased endurance, strength. Sagem frankly – to get rid of excess weight, get relief from Your muscles no extra cardio workouts and proper nutrition will be difficult. Consider the power tower as one of the components of Your workouts. You will be able to build muscle, but it will be much more effective with proper diet, daily regimen.
This section will be updated upon receipt of questions from readers of our blog. If You have any questions on this topic, please write – I will try to answer personally and post the answer on the website.

What is a Power Tower?
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