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Lat Pulldown Machine Exercises

Lat Pulldown Machine is a functional training equipment for the whole body. Often users perform only basic exercises, using only part of the available features. In fact, this equipment allows training almost all muscle groups.
We decided to collect all the exercises in one place and clearly show them so that anyone can get the most out of training with this equipment. For each exercise, we will show the principle of its performance, the main muscle groups used in the correct technique. We will try to give a brief description and recommendations for the exercise.

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1. Wide-Grip Lat Pull-Down

Wide-Grip Lat Pull-Down
Muscle Worked: Lats, Biceps

One of the main exercises with this equipment. Allows you to train high-quality broad back muscles. To perform, take the initial position, grasp the handle with a wide grip and slightly tilt the body back. If possible, adjust the height of the seat to allow sufficient muscle tension at the top. When you exercise do not swing and as the blade comes down. Possible with the development of technology will be useful if the assistant or coach will watch from the sidelines and give advice on technique. Often the work included the bicep. But it should not perform a basic function.

Additional tip: if you can’t eliminate the biceps and back muscles get a little load use pre-exhaustion. Follow a few exercises for the biceps or do approaches in turn.

2. Reverse Close-Grip Lat Pull-Down

Reverse Close Grip Lat Pull Down
Muscle Worked: Lats, Biceps

A variation of the first exercise with a reverse grip and a slightly different setting of the hands. The load is slightly shifted but still aimed at the development of the width of the back. It is important to choose a comfortable width for brushes grip.

3. Behind-the-Neck Lat Pull-Down

Behind-the-Neck Lat Pull-Down
Muscle Worked: Lats, Traps

This exercise will further involve the trapezius muscle. It is not advised to master the technique with more weight. Consider injury.

4. Single-Arm Lat Pull-Down

Single-Arm Lat Pull-Down
Muscle Worked: Lats, Biceps

Performing the movement with one hand you can get a wider range of motion. In addition, it will increase the maximum weight for training. You will be able to focus and perform this exercise more technically

5. V-Bar Pull-Down

V-Bar Pull-Down
Muscle Worked: Lats, Brachialis

The main difference is the formulation of hands. Most often used the additional handle. In addition to the width of the back muscles, their depth is also studied.

6. Bent-Over Row

Bent-Over Row
Muscle Worked: Lats, Trapezius
A good exercise for depth and relief of the back. Muscle groups are involved, and the position of the body includes muscle stabilizers. All this will allow you to work the muscles not only in width and volume and the depth.

7. Seated Row

Seated Row
Muscle Worked: Lats, Trapezius

The initial position can be different. You can sit on a bench or on the floor. The grip can be wide or narrow using V Bar. The load will vary but will focus on the back muscles. It is important to reduce the blades and not to sway.

8. Single arm cable rows

Single arm cable rows
A variation of the previous exercises you perform with one hand. The advantages are the possibility of more comfortable brush position and greater working weight. At the same time, you will be able to focus on the exercise and the muscle groups you need.

9. Straight Arm Lat Pulldown

Straight Arm Lat Pulldown
Muscle Worked: Lats, Trapezius

The movement is performed without bending the arms in the elbows without rocking the body.

10. Triceps Pushdown

Triceps Pushdown
Muscle Worked: Triceps

Basic exercise for triceps. The proper technique involves all three bundles of muscles. Use either a narrow grip straight neck or Tricep Rope. In any variation, the shoulders should be fixed. Movement is carried out in the elbow joint. The hull is motionless. The allowable difference is the placing of the feet. In some they are parallel, others put one leg slightly forward.

11. Triceps extensions reverse grip

Triceps extensions reverse grip
Muscle Worked: Triceps

The variation of the reverse grip exercises. Can be more comfortable for brushes and give a non-standard load. Can be used for a variety of workouts

12. Overhead triceps extensions

Overhead triceps extensions
Muscle Worked: Triceps

This exercise allows you to train the triceps unusual angle. That will allow to include it as much as possible in work. it is possible to work with a narrow grip or Tricep Rope.

13. Singl Arm Kickbacks

Singl Arm Kickbacks
Muscle Worked: Triceps

Movement is performed alternately with each hand. For maximum effect at the top when removing the arm to pause for 2-3 seconds completely unbending the arm in the elbow. Return the hand to its original position as controlled as possible

14. Standing Biceps Curl

Standing Biceps Curl
Muscle Worked: Biceps

Biceps training. Maybe alternate the execution of each hand or the two simultaneously. The movement should not be accompanied by rocking, shoulders pressed against the body and motionless.

15. Оne-arm high cable curl

one-arm high cable curl
Muscle Worked: Biceps

Good exercise for biceps. Pause by bending your hand and control the negative phase of the movement. This will increase efficiency. Don’t help yourself with the hull.

16. Upright Cable Row

Upright Cable Row
Muscle Worked: Traps

Simple at first glance exercise. But for effectiveness is important the right technique. The body must be motionless, elbows moving forward. At the top of the movement, they should be above the forearms. In this position, make a minimum pause and then lower your hands under control.

17. Cable Rope Face-Pull

Cable Rope Face-Pull
Muscle Worked: Shoulders

In this exercise, it is important to try to keep the shoulders parallel to the floor. To feel this angle of loading it is recommended to start with a small weight.

18. Cable Front Rope Raises

Cable Front Rope Raises
Muscle Worked: Shoulders

The clearest description of this technique is presented here – https://www.exercise.com/exercises/rope-front-raises

19. Cable Side Delt Raises

Cable Side Delt Raises
Muscle Worked: Shoulders

An excellent option for training the posterior and middle bundle of deltoid muscles. To create the volume as the deltoid muscles and your body in General.

20. Wood Chop

Wood Chop
Muscle Worked: Abdominals

With Wood Chop you train the muscles of the press and get a strong and hardy corset. This is important both for your health and for the proper technique of performing other exercises, especially with free weights.

21. High cable crunch

High cable crunch
Muscle Worked: Abdominals

Constantly hold the abdominal muscles in tension, do not work the back muscles. For proper technique it is better to start with a small weight.

22. Cable Hip Adduction

Cable Abductors
Muscle Worked: Quadriceps

High-quality training for the muscles of the thigh will make your legs slimmer and more resilient.

23. One-Legged Cable Kickback

Muscle Worked: Glutes

Video Set

For visual demonstration of possible exercises and their variations we picked up couple of videos. In them the technique of performance, features of movements is shown. We recommend you to see them.

Video #1

Video #2

This set of exercises with Lat Pulldown machine will be enough to make a training program and with enough variety to train most of your body. In addition, the use of such equipment will reduce the likelihood of injuries and sprains.

Lat Pulldown Machine Exercises
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