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Bodyweight Exercise from Ashley Nocera

Ashley Nocera
Recently we were interested in the question of who their stars fitness is actively using the power tower in the training. I would like to say that most athletes include such basic exercises as pull-UPS and dips in their training. It is an effective exercise, but to speak only of them can be boring.
On Instagram, we stumbled upon the profile beautiful girls Ashley Nocera. The view from her training is simply amazing. We couldn’t help but share them with you. But first, more about Ashley.

About Ashley Nocera

Ashley Nocera – an American fitness model of Italian descent. With 4 years Ashley was engaged in swimming and performed at competitions. Her grandfather was a bodybuilder and at the age of 18, she decided to go to the gym to perform in a fitness competition.
Today Ashley is one of the five best participants in the world WBFF Bikini Pro. She is very popular in YouTube. And she has a great sense of humor. Judging from the video she gets fun from training and achieving new results. At the same time, it is very purposeful
We were attracted by the originality of the girl. She has a stunning smile, an ideal figure and she really motivates to do fitness. In its training, there are many complex elements that will be difficult to repeat the beginner.

Ashley’s Workout with Own Weight

In training, we use a professional approach. We see a constant variety of the options exercise. This is an excellent approach that guarantees regular stress and constant progress. Consider the atypical exercises that you can try to repeat it. Let’s be honest, we have failed to fulfill all. All the exercises of the training complex are complicated. This is a more complex variation or supersets.


Chase after your dreams and do not let anyone tell you it cannot be done. Those that wait for the perfect opportunity to achieve success will not get there right away. Take initiative and be assertive. Never take no for answer. When there a will, there will always be away!

Ashley Nocera ABS Workout

Ashley pays a lot of attention to the muscles of the press and bark. She performs a variety of exercises to lift her legs to the strength of the tower, and on the bench. This is a variety of variations of combined exercises for a static and dynamic load. What can I say? It is better to see.
In her training sessions quite a lot of challenging exercise – but that is the simple secret to her gorgeous shape.

Not going to lie, these exercises had my stomach burning. It was not easy it the slightest bit, but that is what motivates me to give it even more next go around. It is so important to not neglect to work your abdominal muscles because that it is what enables you to have strong balance and stability. It helps not only in the gym but in your everyday life as well.

Pull-UPS on the Crossbar

Pull-UPS are performed with additional weight, or combined with other exercises. It can be a series of consistent pull-up and push-up performance. She performs the exercise technically and focused. And in this challenge, she was not inferior to the guy.

No matter what life throws your way, always attack it head on!! Don’t ever doubt how strong you are, you are capable of so much more than you may believe!

Push Up

We found any push-ups in her video, but not simple ones. It combines push-UPS and lifting barbells, doing push-ups with dumbbells. Also, there is a video where Ashley is pressed while keeping balance on pancakes from the barbell. This involves the operation of a large number of muscle stabilizers and it is really not easy.

Have you signed up for her Instagram profile yet? Link here – @ashleynocera. It’s really interesting. We recommend to do it. We found a lot of useful stuff there. Not all exercises are easy to repeat. But this variety of exercise really motivates to train harder. Some exercises can be included in the training.

Bodyweight Exercise from Ashley Nocera
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