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Best Upper Abs Exercises

In this post I plan to talk about the most effective Upper Abs Exercises. How relevant can this be to you? This part of the muscles of the press is more noticeable. Qualitative study of this group of muscles makes your body attractive. But it is also an important part of our muscular system that protects the internal organs.
Of course you also need to train and the bottom of the press, as well as oblique abdominal muscles. The division exercises conditional, they differ only in the focus of load.
So get started. To begin, we will consider some exercises, and then try to make a training program to get the result.

Crunches 5 Versions Of The Exercise

Basic crunch
Basic crunch. Lie back, bend your legs 90 degrees (for the convenience of the exercise is to use a yoga Mat). Hands raised to his head or bent on the chest, bending them at the elbow. Keeping your back straight and raise the body. Take a minimal pause and slowly return to the starting position. It is important to maintain proper breathing. Exhale on the effort. Take your time, definitely more important technique than the number of repetitions.

Fitness Ball Crunches

Fitness Ball Crunches
To use more muscles and complicate the task, use the fitness ball. This variation of exercise further connects the muscle stabilizers. You will be able to obtain a greater depth of muscle through a greater range of motion.

Double Crunches

At the same time raise the body and legs, shiny their knee to 90 degrees. Synchronicity of the exercise makes it more complex and effective. It is important to do exercise under control and not to sway.

Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle Crunches
A similar exercise which combines the movement of the body and legs. In this embodiment, we perform the movement of the legs as if you will pedal the bike. In this case, the elbow to touch the knee cross. Movement should be controlled and combined with proper breathing. It is also called Sprinters Sit-ups

Sicilian Crunches

Sicilian Crunches
This is a more complex version of the crunch with dumbbells. Use it is when the basic exercises have become too simple for you.
Lie back, bend your knees, take one dumbbell in your hands and hold it on your chest. Raising the case also raised his hands with the dumbbell over your head. Pause for 2-3 seconds and slowly return to the starting position. Efficiency is not only about extra weight. But also with the coordination and feature of the movement.

Flutter Kicks

Flutter Kicks
Lie on your back, place your hands along the summer palms down. They will further stabilize the body during the exercise. Lift the body and legs at the same time, do not crunching your neck. Start the movement with the legs mimicking the steps slowly, alternately raising and lowering them below, keeping above the floor.
Another option might be to draw a shape. Raise your body and legs. Holding them together slowly draw a circle in the air, a triangle, pausing between each figure.

Cable Crunches

Cable Crunches
For this exercise you will need a lat pulldown machine. To perform is to kneel, use the rope bar. Take your starting position. To do this, pull the rope until your hands are bent near your head. Try to use not only the hands but also the upper muscles of the press. Twisting the body try to use the muscles of the body as much as possible. Pause for 1 second and return to the starting position. Do the desired number of repetitions. Do not immediately use a lot of weight. It is important to understand and master the right technique, and only then increase the load.

TRX Body Saws

Good all round exercise. But it also requires a degree of preparedness. If you can not hold the bar for more than half a minute then You will be extremely difficult to use this exercise with TRX. To perform stand on the elbows and put his feet in the loop. Perform exercises slowly shifting back due to the motion in the elbow and similarly come back. The legs remain straight.
TIP: If not the TRX, you can use a medicine ball. But in this case it is necessary to pay more attention to balance. As a result, additional muscle stabilizers are included.

Abs Wheel Rollouts

Abs Wheel Rollouts
Exercise with Abs Wheel that trains a group of muscles including the upper muscles of the press. For beginners it is possible to perform from his knees. This will reduce the motion amplitude and load. More trained users can perform movement leaning on their feet. We rely on Ab Wheel and move forward under control. Pause for 1 second and return to the starting position. Do a few repetitions.

Static Exercise

In addition to dynamic exercises, use static. For example, lying on your back at the same time slightly lift the body and legs. Hold this position as long as possible. Do a few repetitions.

5 Exercises to ABS Workout

Stretch to Cool Down

It is important to start and finish training properly. One of the options for the end of training the muscles of the press is the following exercise. Get on all fours. Raise your tailbone and head, arching your back. Then drop your head and round your back, drawing your tailbone down toward the floor and pressing your navel toward your spine.

Best Upper Abs Exercises
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